Black and White Explained

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Artist: Sarah Matthews
Release Date: August 12th D-Streets and Online
Sold As: Set of 6
Price: $99.95
LE: 2000

Update: 8/11/11 Disney announced the release date for this set. It will be tomorrow, August 12th at D-Streets and Online. Here’s a look at the box it comes in. It reminds me of chocolates.

Update: 8/10/11 Chris sent us this picture. Black and White is on display at D-Street. Now we have a good look at all 6.

Update: 8/5/11 We can see blurry and blocked pieces of some of the other figures in this set.

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Here’s what we know about this set so far. It’s a 6 piece set, that will go on sale for $99.95 (like Steam Park). There will only be 2000 of these made. The artist is Sarah Matthews.

Black Flowers Looking like a two tonded spirlgraph picture, the Black Flowers are on a white background.
White Ivy

White Ivy is on a black background. I really think this one is cool. So far it’s the only one I’d get, except they come in a set.

Hearts of a String



Striped bag, lots of kernels flying. Ok, it’s not perfect, but that’s what it reminds me off.

Bird and Flower

This bird has been taking a bite of a flower. Do birds eat flowers??

Birdhouse in your Soul

Lots of fun images here. I really like how the birds and this quote create the “eyes” on the head.

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I think I can give this set a miss for $100. Each piece is OK but certainly not in the same category as the Steam Park set – or worth the equivalent of $16 each.


I think they missed the mark with these. Even with them being on the old mold these will not do well at the $99 price point. Also with an LE of 2000 they will be sitting on the shelves for a LONG time.


This is not a $100 set. A couple of the designs would been nice in an urban set, but I think this one is going to sit around for a while.