Collecting with Claudia: The Florida Project

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Are you going to the Florida Project?

Worried about how you are going to carry ALL of your Vinylmation traders with you to the event?

Don’t know what time to get there?

Have no clue where it is located?


I called the Disney Event Services at 1-407-827-7600 and spoke with Cast Member Shar who was able to provide me with lots of information (thank you, Shar!).

The Florida Project Vinylmation event will take place on September 11, 2011, at Epcot in the World Showplace Center from 9:30am until 2:00pm.

Outside the World Showcase at Trade City 2010

Per CM Shar, Epcot will open at 9:00am that day, and all event attendees will be directed to the World Showplace Center which is located between the Canada & UK Pavilion.  The doors to the World Showplace Center will open at 9:30am (no early birds allowed).

Guests will pick-up their RSP Vinylmations the day they chose to do so on their registration.  If you chose to pick-up your RSP vinyls on Thursday Sept 8, then you will receive notification as to where to pick–up (that location has not yet been identified).  Guests who chose to pick-up their RSPs on the day of the event will do so then.

So… are you worried you have too much stuff to carry with you to the event?  Are you thinking of renting a U-Haul?   You may want to start planning what you are going to bring to the event, because there is a limit as to what is allowed in the park.

Vinylmation at EPCOT

While on the phone with the Disney Events Services Cast Member, I voiced my concerns about what we can bring into the park since most of us have LARGE collections for trade.  CM Shar informed me that the usual allowed in the park are 2 large suitcases; however, she will have to double-check with the Events Manager as to any specifics (she is to get back with me in a few days with more info on that issue—I will post her response in the comments below when I receive her return call).

Update: 8/20/11 This is the response I got from Char at the Disney Event Services regarding what we can bring to the Fl Project on 9/11/11.

Hi Claudia:

Here is the information sent to us from the Event Manager, Ashley.

Cooler Policy
Full-size coolers, with or without wheels, are not allowed.
Coolers smaller than 24” length x 15” width x 18” height (which mirrors the large locker size) are allowed.
Coolers will be inspected for glass and alcoholic beverages which are not permitted.

Wagon Policy
Wagons are not permitted in the Walt Disney World Theme Parks for the following reasons:
Because the wagon is pulled behind the guest, they will not always see exactly where the wagon is traveling. This makes it easy to run over other guests in a crowd.
Wagons are not as stable as strollers and can tip if accidentally pushed by other guests who are not watching where they are going.
Due to the bulk, length and unique way they maneuver, wagons may not fit through some queue lines or even in some buildings, shops or food locations.

Also, luggage is not permitted on Walt Disney World buses.

As for the limit on what Guests can bring in, there isn’t an official “limit.” However, each Guest is responsible for his/her own belongings throughout the event. Each Guest is only allowed one “space” at a table for trading, so bringing more product does not necessarily mean they can put more on display.

Hopefully this helps. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


I hope all this was helpful, and please make sure to leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions/information.

Don’t know what the Florida Project is??  Then go to:

And remember to KEEP ON COLLECTING!

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Claudia S
Claudia S

Does this means we can bring Carry-on as long as we drive ourself to the park, and drag them it to the location? it says the luggage is not allowed on the disney buses.


Due to safety and space on WDW bus transport luggage is not permitted. Luggage as in anything that looks like a suitcase or very big and bulky. You can have a very large rucksack or messenger bag, you may also get a way with a large duffle bag. Pretty much if it doesn’t obstruct the gangway its allowed. (there is enough space underneath most seats). Your less likely to get away with very big bulky bags if you are using the transport during the busiest times, so either go very early or wait until the rush is over. If your… Read more »