D23 Exclusive Vinylmation Review

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Some figures exclusive to the D23 Expo in Anaheim were released last weekend. Here is an up close look and our take on the group.

3″ D23 Logo
Maria Clapsis
LE 4800

With the design and very high quantity available, this one hung around all weekend long and was still available late Sunday at the Dream Store. A very simple design, this one actually grew on me. I like the color and the stars outlining Mickey’s features. I’m also a sucker for Sorcerer Mickey and he is part of the logo on the back of the Vinylmation. This one gets a low grade for me because it isn’t exciting, but it’s a nice souvenir of the event.

3″ Davy Crocket 
Casey Jones
LE 1200

Casey created a Masterpiece with his 9″ Park 5 Davy Crocket, this 3″ version doesn’t hold the same wow factor. It did however sell off the shelves just a few hours into day 1 of the expo.

I will say the attention to detail is phenomenal, and without the 9″ to compare it to, this one would be even more incredible. I don’t really understand the muted tone on this 3″. The 9″ is brown, but it’s a lively coloring scheme that yells old west.

The hat is wonderful. Again, comparing it to the 9″, it doesn’t have the layered tail the bigger figure has. But the fact that we now have this coon skin cap for combo contests can not be understated. Overall, a brilliantly detailed 3″ that is a must own for any Disney fan.

3″ Gladstone Gander
Thomas Scott
LE 1200

If there is anywhere that a character this obscure can work it’s a large gathering of Disney geeks. So D23 was the perfect place, as Gander sold out first within hours of the expo opening on Friday morning.

Gander, among other places, is from the Disney Comics and Thomas Scott did a fantastic job at pulling Gander out of the comic and slapping him on a vinyl collectable.

Care about the character or not, this figure has a perfect colorful, comical look with clean lines and big duck bill perfectly placed. It really does look like a cool drawing on a Vinylmation instead of a design printed on it.

9″ Butch
Eric Caszatt
LE 750 

Sorry Eric, but a great design couldn’t overcome a larger than needed LE and a high price tag on an obscure character. There were plenty of Butch’s on the shelves late into Sunday. The design works. I’ll say it every time, putting the chin on the nose just looks great on many figures. Nothing fancy, it’s just a straightforward design. In my opinion, 750 was WAY too high an LE. Put it at 500 or even 450 and sell it out at the event. Neither M.C. nor I purchased this one, but we probably would have purchased a 3″ version.

3″ Disney Store 25th with Pin
Enrique Pita
LE 2500

Another high LE, but this one appealed to a much wider audience. I saw these fly off the shelf at the Disney Store inside D23, although I couldn’t verify if they sold out and if not, where the quantities would go.

To me, nothing fancy about the design. In fact I don’t like the outlines on Mickey’s face. Also, in general, the Disney Store logo doesn’t do anything for me. It holds no special meaning. But to many it does. Many current and ex Disney Store Cast Members are excited about this figure.

The pin I do like. It’s large and has a nice high quality feel and design to it. This set was a pick up for me. Not necessarily a long term keep, this one might be up for trade.

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I think the idea of the colours of the Davey was based on if you were watching an old black and white davey crockett film. Thats the vibe I get.