D23 Vinylmation Preview: Park 7 Complete List!

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At D23, the Park 7 Vinylmation lineup was announced… by way of pins. 10 of the 12 Vinylmation designs where on display as pins. the 11th design that was not a pin is the already known Earful Tower and the 12th would be the mystery chaser. So here is the known Park 7 line up:

Muppet Vision 3D

This colorful figure fits perfectly onto the Vinylmation. It’s Kermit’s hot air baloon that flies high over the attraction.

Tomorrowland Rocket

This was the icon of Tomorrowland in the Disney Parks. I showed off pride as being a USA rocket and gave excitment to the future of space exploration. You can see the rockets circling the head.

Tinker Bell

The famous fairy gets another vinylmation.

Donald Philharmagic

This is a favorite of mine. It’s from the Philharmagic show where donald gets stuck in a tuba at the end of the show. Only to get blasted out into the wall behind you and then end up tangled in the instruments of the ceiling of the gift shop.

Hong Kong Castle

From the markings on the body, this looks like the Hong Kong castle to me.

Hula Guy

Does this guy come from the Polynesian? Aulani? Or none of the above?

World of Motion Sea Serpent

See this article for details

Spacesuit Figment

Figment makes his third 3″ Vinylmation appearance. 

EPCOT 2000

Love it or hate it, it’s now a Vinylmation

Kali River Rapids

A great, and wet, Animal Kingdom attraction.

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  • I really am impressed with these. Talk about a Home Run. I’m Speculating that Figment may get a variant, and I think we may see the Previously scrapped Florida Project Hula Girl Design as the variant to the Hula guy.

  • Donald Philharmagic is fantastic, the artist has been very clever using the vinyl shape. Also the majority of the figures have artwork extending from the vinyl, including Philharmagic, Tommorowland spacerocket, sea serpent, Hong Kong castle. Overall the set is alright however I could live without another chubby Tinkerbell.

  • Don’t get me wrong, Muppet Vision is great. But really? A third MV vinyl? Why not just make a set?

    On another note: Sweet Uncle Walt’s Moustache. MUST have that Philharmagic figure

  • Most of this series is amazing. Muppet Vision, Kali, Retro Astro Orbiter, Castle. I’m excited.

    The only two misses are Tinker Bell and Hula Guy. Tinker Bell will look fat and terrible on the new mold and the Hula guy will be the next trade box fodder, but I guess every series needs one dud.

  • The Tomorrowland Rocket that you refer to is was actually called the Star Jets at Disney World and Astro Jets at Disneyland. They still have the Star Jets in Tokyo.

  • New mold….this stirs a problem with me. Dont get me wrong, the designs are high end however when they transition these into pins and the mold almost half of them dont even work with me like tinkerbell and donalds phillarmagic scene.

    If these were on the old mold, it would have been spectacular now they look like a bunch of design art plastered on the new mold. On the new mold however, the designs do go beyond the lines because of the flat face, however these would have looked so much better if they were on the old mold for the simple fact they are stellar.

    If it aint broke dont fix it. I do however appreciate Thomas Scotts answer from on of the facebook groups towards the true reasoning to why the had to make the change rather than the official blog giving us a bland answer. Thats why Thomas Scott is like Steven Miller, whenever he has the chance to converse he will and he does appreciate the fans and goes out there with a smile.

  • i am so stoked for the philharmagic one!!!! i have wanted them to do a philharmation set for a long time, and this is the first little nod to the show, which is my favorite show at any of the parks!!!!! home run :D

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