Doug in Hand

I got my Disney Afternoons Doug two pack yesterday. The package was a bit weather beaten, but the set was safe inside. The box art matches all the other Disney Afternoons sets with a black and white theme and characters from the show on it. The figures themselves looked pretty good. I was a little disapointed that Doug could not hold the “Beets” album. It just sits there at his feet. (So I don’t think it succeeds as a good accessory.)
The backs are really extra plain on the bodies. The only detail is Porkchop’s tail.
But check out the ears.
On the front of the ears are Doug’s diary with mentions of Patti and Skeeter. Maybe those will be the two in the next set?
On the back of the ears are drawings of Doug and Porkchop as superheroes. These are Quailman and Quaildog from several episodes of the series.
In case you wondered, this set is a LE of 1000 and designed by Christopher Chapman. (And apparently made in China)