SPOILER!!!!!! Lion King Chaser

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Update: Zoe overhead the artists saying “Oh no that is wrong” at the signing this morning….

Well according everyone (thanks for those who mentioned) this is a defective Chaser. (I saw the guy pull it out of his box) so this is the Chaser’s body with Banzai’s head. More to come…

Here is a photo from vinylmationkingdom of the real chaser and the faulty chaser…

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  • What a big disappointment!!! This series has such vibrant colors and designs. Too bad the chaser was wasted on such a lackluster piece.

  • What a let down. Thought it would be too obvious for him to be the chaser, I thought chasers were supposed to mysterious?

  • I think the set would have to have all 3 Hyena’s but it certainly will one of those ‘forgettable’ chasers and not much sought after in its own right.

    I am going to be buying a tray so I hope that I don’t get one of those faulty chasers with Banzai’s head – I would be right ticked off!!!!!!

  • Welp. Now I’m only about 40% interested in this set.

    Where’s Musfasa as the spirit? Seriously? The GREATEST moment in the movie, and no figure for that? C’mon. There better be a 9″ of this. Otherwise shame shame Disney.

  • I am really disappointed over their choice of chaser. I always felt the chaser was something that was supposed to be extra special and really had a wow factor to it. With this series, I really feel like they could have been more creative.

  • This chaser will still be bought as people want to have all three rather than just two of them. So yes still going to try and buy a tray. I do however love the hidden mickey on Ed’s tongue.

  • IndyandMarion :
    Welp. Now I’m only about 40% interested in this set.
    Where’s Musfasa as the spirit? Seriously? The GREATEST moment in the movie, and no figure for that? C’mon. There better be a 9″ of this. Otherwise shame shame Disney.

    Remember Disney already has the SHAME of releasing this set on the NEW mold!! Strike One. No Ghost of Mufasa Chaser! Strike two. The Ed chaser and/or Bonzai’s head on Ed’s body chaser – Either is STRIKE THREE!! Disney, your OUT!!

  • @Brad
    After reviewing the play, the New Mold was in fact a ball and not in the strike zone. Count is now 3 balls and two strikes.

    • After further review with 280 other vinyl umpires, the NEW mold was indeed a 1st pitch STRIKE, but will be counted as a foul tip for now. For now count is 3 & 2.

  • I knew the chaser would be Ed-how could you have two hyenas and not the third! All the same, spirit Mufasa would have been great! I think that they probably shouldn’t have done baby Simba-as they already have Simba as a cub. Then they could’ve had all three hyenas and then had spirit Mufasa as a chaser. Grown-up Simba would’ve made a great chaser too.

  • Not disappointed at all with the choice, great job disney eds face was captured perfectly in this figure

  • I’ll still pick up a few of these. But that chaser? No. Just no.

    (Foul tip? Nick, he’ll be on our side soon enough)

  • I’m guessin’ he’ll end up in the boxes pretty often since most people won’t realize there’s a difference between him and the other hyenas… keep your eyes peeled guys!

  • I’m just glad that all three hyenas are here!They are among my favorite villains! They’re very funny-until the end when Scar finds out that they’re not as dumb as he thought-brilliant! It did not make sense to have only Banzai in the Villain series-it would’ve been better to do Scar. The first Banzai, though, wouldn’t match Shenzi and Ed here, so I see why they did him again.

  • Holy S***! I didnt realize the chaser mistake! I bought a tray and I sure enough have the messed up chaser! This sucks. Does anyone know if there is any recourse to getting the propper chaser???

  • SI opened my Lion King tray today,thinking What are th chances I get Ed-zai. Sure enough, that’s EXACTLY what I got! One of the cast members gave me the number to guest services-they are willing to send you the correct Ed and will not ask you to return Ed-zai in return. I called and left a message so hopefully they get back to me soon. I’m glad I can keep Ed-zai, though, because he is so unusual.

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