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Whenever we get a question we need your input on before giving an answer, we will post it here, in the VM Rafiki Help Line. Rafiki of course is very wise and the word Rafiki means friend. So we thought it an appropriate name when asking you to share knowledge with a fellow Vinylmation collector. 

We found the following comment online from Alyss:

just to clarify, the RSP is only for Sorcerer or Premiere package holders? Do you know how many packages were offered? I’m really hoping that I don’t miss out on lots of the exclusive merchandise… I hope that not being able to afford the exclusive packages isn’t a game changer for enjoying the Expo this year

I’m not familiar enough with this process yet and how the D23 packages were structured. Can anyone help?

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  • Yes, RSP was for Sorcerer and Premiere packages (I’m a Premiere). There are roughly 50 Sorcerer folks and 250 Premiere folks.

  • Officially, there were 250 Premiere and 50 Sorcerer packages. This is mildly up for debate.

    Yes, the RSP was just for them, but there is no indication as to how many of each LE item were made available for the RSP. Presumably not all of them were.

    What I can tell you for certain is that, for example, not everyone who requested a Noah vinylmation (LE 23) was awarded one, but it stands to reason that a good percentage of them will still be available for purchase in-person.

    Also, just to complicate it, the RSP ran in 3 rounds, so someone could request up to 3 of each item, but may receive 0-3 of them depending on the results.

  • I didn’t even know there was RSPs for d23? can anyone provide me with a link on info about it and what exactly is available for RSP?

  • It is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for any of the vinyls to be sold out or even nearly sold out through the RSPs.

    Butch 9″ is a LE 750 with a 1-per-person limit. If all 300 people with the option of RSP requested one and all 300 got one, that would only be 300 and 450 would still be left.

    Davy Crocket 3″ and Gladstone 3″ are each a LE 1200 with a 2-per-person limit. If all 300 people with the option of RSP requested two and all 300 got two, that would only be 600 and 600 would still be left.

    D23 Expo 3″ is a LE 4800 with a 4-per-person limit. If all 300 people with the option of RSP requested four and all 300 got four, that would only be 1200 and 3600 would still be left.

    So really, the only ones that could even POSSIBLY be even half-way sold-out are Gladstone and Davy Crockett, but that’s the absolute worst-case scenario and highly unlikely.

  • Actually, there are 500 Premiere ticket holders (not 250; if anybody doesn’t believe me, just do a search on the D23 website or their Facebook page) and roughly 50 Sorcerer ticket holders. I have the Premiere ticket and we were able to pre-purchase items from the Disney Dream Store (where all the vinyls were, except the Noah 9″). Each person could max buy 5 D23 Expo logo vinyls, 2 Gladstone Gander vinyls, 2 Davy Crockett vinyls, and 1 Butch 9″ vinyl. We also had the opportunity to participate in the RSP for different items. One of which was the Noah 9″. It said there were 23 of them so I would assume if 23 people requested it, that vinyl could be sold out. I hope this helps.

  • Will going Sunday drastically decrease my chances of obtaining these vinyls versus Saturday. I really want to go Sunday for The Lion King figures.

    • Supposedly, Disney is holding back quantities of all merchandise to make sure it is all available all 3 days. So it really depends on how they follow through with this.

  • I hope they follow through w/ their plans. Just in case, I think I’m going to buy tickets for Saturday. Lion King comes out a week later so I won’t have a problem buying those.

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