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On the heals of the UK Disney Store Online’s release of the London exclusive Vinylmation, the US Disney Store Online has followed suit with select NYC exclusive figures now available for cyber purchase.

Only two of the 9″ figures are available… Hey Taxi and New York, New York

The interesting note here is the price. Although $44.95 is the original price, if you were to go to the NYC Times Square Store to purchase them, they are discounted to $30 as of about a week ago. Vinylmation are not the only city specific items popping up online. The Disney Store Online now has a full section of the website dedicated to some of their big city Disney Stores.

You can go online to purchase select merchandise from NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and Hawaii. No Vinylmation in any other city yet, but look at this ad:

Vinylmation is the product they feature on the generic ad for this section of the online store. This leads me to believe other city specific figures will be online soon as well. We do know, the Honolulu, Hawaii Disney Store will take mail orders for the Tiki Mickey due out October 4. So since they are already willing to ship, I suppose the thinking is, why not make the process easier for Disney, and the guest, and let everyone purchase them online. I’m not a big fan of this shift. A NYC tee shirt or Chicago coffee mug are one thing, but placing collectibles online like this takes away from that specialness of the item. We talked about this on the latest podcast after finding out about the London vinyls. What are your thoughts on city specifics being made available online?

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  • I think this will hurt the people that live in or near these areas. If it wasn’t for the chicago windy city tin I would not have been able to get many chasers and tins that I have been after. Since many of us do not live near WDW or DL it’s nice to have something that other people want and can trade for.

  • Disney is trying to undercut the aftermarket, or cut in. It looks like they want a piece of it. Like the previous poster said, the people in the surrounding areas of the city exclusives now have zero leverage with trades. But it saves me having to bug my neighbor or my brother everytime they go to NYC. They probably lost a few collectors because of this but will most likely make up the differnce with the visibility to non-collectors by having them make impulse buys.

  • It’s nice to have vinylmations from different cities. But why call these city exclusives anymore? Disney pushes trading vinylmations and touts it as great way to build your collection. Then, they turn around and do everything they can to sabotage that concept. Why? Because they have no clear vision or strong leadership. The vinylmation group is known as the “Anybody got a new idea today?” group. Seems they try too hard to make things happen simply by changing the status quo. If they were surfers, they would be jumping from wave to wave to wave, instead of simply riding one big wave and riding it well.

  • I agree with Josh. I think it’s really lame for the people in those cities…(though I have yet to get a chaser with any of the city tins I got). What worries me even more is that if these stores do start taking phone orders is that in the cities with exclusives, people who are waiting in line will not be able to get these.

    • I was able to trade some of my tins for HAL chaser Pete, U6 chaser Griffin, P3 chaser IASW, Animation Dark Solid Pink Elephant chaser, Toy Story Dr. Evil chaser. I was also able to trade for some other really great vinylsl like candy corn tin, AP Ariel, all 3 cast member tins, HK dumbo, epcot around the world tin, P4 spectro mickey and green monorail. I don’t mean to brag, but I was so excited to use the chicago tins to get my hands on these. Sorry you weren’t able to get some.

        • I figure the best way to trade those new ones is to unload them as fast as you can. Seems people will give up more desirable vinyls for something new.

          • Unfortunately, I don’t live near any of the cities with tins. I just had a friend who was able to get me a few aulani vinyls when they were staying there, but that was a few weeks after their release. I live in Arizona, and I can’t imagine any of the cities here having an exclusive.

  • I contacted the Disney Store website, and tweeted the President about the Hawaii tins being available via mail order. They both said that they will NOT be available over the phone and had contacted the Disney Store to confirm this.

  • Disney is already putting the 9 inch Vinylmations on sale at the NY store. This may just be them trying to clear that inventory faster.

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