Florida Project: Disney Park Classics Not Just a Concept

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Peace Love & Mickey

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Nick LoCicero has almost 20 years experience in the media industry. He has worked on numerous Disney related media projects, most know at WDWNT for WDW News Tonight. He has been visiting Walt Disney World since 1982. After moving to Orlando in the late 90's he became a passholder, developed a fascination with the history of the vacation kingdom and has spent way too much money on park merchandise.


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  • Overall they’re quite nice, I wouldn’t be at all unhappy if I got one of these, however I would spend my money on others in the set. Have to admit though great detail in the Disney character logo, impressive!

  • I love the characters one, i love how the feet are Donald, stomach mickey, right arm looks like winnie the pooh and left arm is goofy. I love that one, ear hat one with mickey shirt, and like 1 or 2 more, at first not interested but i think they are awesome now.

    • That’s very perceptive Redtop! I have been so busy throwing things on the site to notice that detail. Very cool!

  • I wish they would stop doing concept art pics on the old mold drawings then putting them on the new mold. I was kind of excited for a few hours when I saw the concept art on the old mold, but that just blew up when I actually saw them the new mold.

    I traded for a Lion King Pumbaa yesterday at my local Disney store to check out the series. When I got it out and started looking at it, I was so reminded why I don’t like the new mold. Besides the obvious chipmunk cheeks, it looked like Pumbaa was slouching with his beer belly hanging out. Ironically, when I walked by the display case 7 of the 12 figures were laying on their sides because of the small feet. Still cannot find the attraction here.

    The Disney Park Classics artwork looks nice, except for the Rainbow Flag, but cannot see me buying any of them.

    • Brad,

      With all due respect, we know you don’t like the new mold. Every time there is a post you say how much you hate the new mold. While you have the right to do so, please know that all the rest of us get it and there is no more need to post how much you hate the new mold. I am pretty sure it is here to stay, so I think it’s time to move past your dislike of the new mold and focus on the artwork.

      • Jake, Absolutely agree with you. Given that all the new vinyls that have previewed at the Florida Project are on the new mold – it really is here to stay. There is no point in keeping harping on about the new mold – it is now ‘the mold’ – I like some of the new figures and don’t like some others – which is the whole point of vinylmation!

  • they all look great – but of course the Rainbow Flag is the best of them :)))) I was desperately looking forward to getting such similar VM – hopefully art designers share the same interest :)))) I will definitely forget it’s made on that ugly new mold then :)))

  • Sorry but I hate the new mold too and so far nothing has convinced me that I will continue to collect Vinyls on that mold. It’s NOT just about the art, it’s about the art on MICKEY who has a distinct nose and shape. If you watched the show “Friends” …….remember how Courtney Cox’s character Monica wore a fat suit whenever she played herself as a younger Monica? Well look again at that Minnie that’s supposed to be released tomorrow at Florida Project……it looks just like “Monica” in a fat suit.

    • Okay, I get it… but seriously, the old mold is not coming back. You obviously don’t hate it THAT much or you wouldn’t be on this website seeing what the new series are going to be. They are ALL on the new mold. If you won’t even consider collecting them, then why are you on this website?

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