Josh Siegel’s 9/21/11 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Josh Siegel visited the Magic Kingdom yesterday to see what was new at the park (and with the parking), so let’s take a look at the photos from his trip:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


The new Villains parking lot is ready to go!

That’s one way to re-label them

New signage for handicap parking

Some remnants remain

The old lot names are history

A tram stop just for Villains lot parking

The heroes side has not been labeled yet

Tram exit stop that was recently built

A look at the signs: Here’s evil Emperor Zurg


The Sea Witch, Ursula

Try not to sing every time you park in the Cruella lot

Scar lot

Hook, not be confused with a movie of a similar name… no, there is no Rufio parking!

We head into the Magic Kingdom to check on Fantasyland construction. Progress on the Castle Walls has been made!

The tower frame is gone, so we took a step back as well

Pavement in front of Village Haus still being worked on

Crane is up behind Cinderella Castle for Dreamlights installation

Two cranes up in Fantasyland

Not much to see here

Always fun to watch this…

The windows on Maurice’s Cottage/Enchanted Tales with Belle were sealed up

The mountain in front of Beast’s Castle looks great

Not much new over at Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

The roofs are going on Gaston’s Tavern and Bonjour Village Gifts

A look into Storybook Circus

A look into the Mermaid facade shows that the caverns guests will walk through are taking shape

A large hole has been ripped in one of the Circus tents

The Storybook Circus train station is coming along quickly

The steel frame you see should be the entrance for the station, the larger building is the connected Casey Jr. Roundhouse

The Dumbo queue with Goofini in the background

The County Bounty facade still has not been touched

Tigger’s Bounce Area is still closed…

The Enchanted Grove is still behind tarps

Dumbo queue

A look at the train station and Casey Jr. Roundhouse through the Dumbo queue

Work being done on the futuristic columns in Tomorrowland

That or someone should tell the Peoplemover that it stepped in something… What? Not funny? OK, how about… Nice shoes Tomorrowland Transit Authority! OK, let’s move on…

Despite the fact that it is supposed to be open by now, the Lunching Pad is still not open

Some work being done by the Peoplemover entrance

Is it just me, or is there a lot of work going on in Tomorrowland? More walls by Space Ranger Spin

A lot of the walls seem to be around planters…

The cast entrance next to the Plaza Restaurant is under refurbishment

Mickey Halloween popcorn buckets available

Casey’s Corner did re-open on time

Nothing new to report except that the wallpaper was replaced…

The Swiss Family Treehouse is closed for refurbishment

We usually do…

We will continue to stare at this Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom display until it works…

Anyone have a key?

Something covered…

Tinker Bell recently put on some fall attire at Pixie Hollow

More Treehouse work

Still open…

Another Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom area by Pirates

I see you camera…

Work continues on the Frontierland/Adventureland awning

Is this a new restrooms sign?

Looks new

Work continues on the Pecos Bill’s facade

The Shootin’ Arcade is still closed

Work continues on the facades in Frontierland

The Diamond Horseshoe is getting ready to become the 40th Anniversary shop on October 1st

A new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom window has popped up in Liberty Square

The speakers are very well hidden

The wiring is not so well hidden

Looks like the entire Skyway building is practically gone at this point


Thanks for the report Josh!

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Cody Ayre
9 years ago

That "hole ripped in the side of the toontown tents" is actually where the emergency exits used to be for princess and fairies queues. The structures for the doors and the actual tent/wall there were removed.

Jennifer Bureau
Jennifer Bureau
9 years ago

I was actually at the MK on this day but alas I didn't make it into any of your photos (took many of the same ones though). :)