Retro Weekend: The Florida Project Recap

Lots of things revealed this weekend. Here’s a quick rundown of all our posts from the past weekend with links to more in-depth coverage of each one.

Project Z turned out to be Park Starz. A new set that will be out this fall that features 11+ 1 Mystery chaser blind box figures. It will all be stylized figures from the parks in their own shapes.

Park Starz Preview

All 11 3″ Alice in Wonderland figures were on display. They will release in November. Two LE sets were also there.

Alice in Wonderland 3″ Set

Alice LE Walrus, Carpenter, and Cheshire Cats

Alice in Wonderland Explained

Park 7 was on display and wowed the crowed with some innovative designs. And we saw new LEs for the first time. The explained page includes all 11 known figures and the LE sets: Fife and Drum, Kitchen Kaberet, River Country and more!

Park 7 Explained

Park 8 will be out in February of 2012. We got a sneak peak at 2 figures.

3″ Park 8 Sneak Peak

Urban 7 has some cool looking 9″ LE figures. The Milk and OJ 9/3 was the talk of the event. Here is the rundown.

9″ Urban 7 Explained

We got a first look at Urban 8 at the show. Several interesting figures and two of the coolest 9″ figures ever.

First look at Urban 8

9″ Sock Monkey

9″ Boxer

Urban 8 Explained

Now, a little peak at a couple Urban 9 figures.

Urban 9

The 4th Cutesters series will be themed “At the Beach”. We saw three figures, check out the details here.

Cutesters At the Beach

D-Tour is a totally new take on Vinylmation. Find out why…


This and That is the theme for Jr 5. The will have words that go together like Up and Down, Pins and Needles.

This or That

But Jr 6 was on display! Snow White and Seven Dwarfs will be the theme. We confirmed 7 dwarfs and a Jr Snow White. Look for these in April 2012. More pics here.

More Nerds! We had confirmed earlier in the year that Nerd Stitch was on his way, now we know Figment will also be added to the line up.

Haunted Mansion will NOT be a surprise release at Room For One More… in fact it’s pushed back to 2012.

Haunted Mansion Explained

We had a look at Star Wars Series 2. We now know it will be designed after New Hope, the first Star Wars movie.

Star Wars 2

Nick’s favorite. An open window set of Disney Characters as Star Wars figures!!!

Disney’s Star Wars

Two brand new Holiday 3 designs were on display along with some designs we have only seen in pin form, until now. They also had a poster with the entire 9″ LE lineup on display.

Holiday 3 Explained

Holiday 3 LE 9″ Explained

A look at this years Very Merry Christmas 2011 Vinylmation.

Very Merry 2011

2012 WDW Marathon, Half Marathon and Goofy’s Race Vinylmation

Pictures here

This is a new series that was on display but not in the chat session. It’s an open box series of logos and merchandise items you would see in the stores at the parks.

Disney Parks Classics Explained

A new Honk Kong Disney exclusive.

Chinese Zodiac Explained

Another Hong Kong Disney exclusive.

Journey to the West

Nick was in heaven when he saw that soon he could own a Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics Vinylmation. 8 teams from each the MLB, NBA and NFL represented for now.

Pics of Teams

All of Animation 2 where revealed at the event. Either on display or on a poster with the set. Some great additions here. Check it out.

Animation 2

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