Spotlight on: Custom Vinylmation artist Mark Hoffmann

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by RMThompson

RT: Mark, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions today and welcome to the world of Vinylmation, we understand you’re a newer collector/designer?

MH: Very new. I am working on the second custom that I have ever done. I have been collecting the 3″ Vinylmation for almost a year now.

RT: Which is your favorite Vinylmation that you own?

MH: My favorite is probably my Jafar Chaser from Villains 1… although I must say I love the new Lion King set I just got!

RT: What about one that you REALLY want?

MH: I would love, but know that it is almost impossible, the Balloon chaser from Park 1!

RT: Before making custom Vinylmation, what other kind of painting have you done?

MH: I’ve been painting eggs and gourds for years. I have always been a huge Disney fan so I’ve so when my daughter was little I painted a Little Mermaid mural on her wall. I recently painted a Lilo and Stitch mural on my Granddaughters wall. I have illustrated a few children’s books over the years and designed collector pins for Hard Rock Cafe. Had the pleasure of designing a set of Limited Edition pins for the Salt Lake Winter Olympics for Hard Rock Cafe as well, which was pretty cool.

I also designed Angel figures for a local company here in Morgan Hill…..and to our surprise we actually saw one of the figures in a small village in Switzerland….talk about a small world!

RT: Wow that’s impressive work! Great detail! What drew you to create a custom Vinylmation? Which was your first one?

MH: Actually my partner Rene was the one who brought it to my attention. He has always been my biggest supporter. I saw a site that had customs on there and he said, “you could do that”…and the rest is history. My first custom was of Ariel, The Little Mermaid.

He and Mickey have always been my favorite! So I had the best of both worlds….an Ariel painted on a Mickey!! When I saw her come to life as I was painting her I knew I was hooked!!

RT: What is the hardest part about painting such a 3D design?

MH: For me it has to be painting a face around Mickey’s nose….but that is part of the challenge….I personally think that was one of the cool things about the Vinylmation.

RT: The Ariel is beautiful, probably the best Princess custom I’ve seen yet! What is coming next?

MH: Thank you so much. Well, I just finished Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I painted her in her blue dress and apron. The beginning of the movie when she is walking through the village is one of my favorite parts and I wanted to bring that into the piece.

RT: I’ve seen this one as it was being made, and it’s simply AMAZING… but now let’s show the world:

Wow, she is BEAUTIFUL! I really like Belle, you captured her eyes perfectly, and I love the clouds behind her in the ears! What’s next on your custom agenda?

MH: I am seriously thinking of Jasmine….I have the blank Mickey staring right at me, just waiting to get started!!

RT: You seem to have a princess theme, which I love! Are you doing multiples of any design, and are they for sale?

MH: All of mine are one of a kind, if I do another Ariel or Belle, it wouldn’t look the same. Of course all of them are for sale! Belle is the first one I am putting on eBay:

RT: Well thanks for taking the time to show off your customs and talking to us today, anything else you want to share?

MH: I would just like to thank all the great people I have met and who have shown interest in my painting. Who would have thought a Little Mermaid would have opened up a whole new world for me!!

You can check out MORE of Mark’s art at: or add him here:

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