Spotlight On: Customation Project Artist Celeste

Leading up the Cesar’s event in Santa Clarita, CA this weekend, Destination Vinylmation will feature each of the custom artists and talk to them about some of the figures they will be bringing to the event.

Today we will start with one of our personal favorites, Celeste. We have reviewed several of her pieces, the most noted of which is her 9″ Animal piece (still superior over the 9″ piece that was part of Muppets 2). She was a bit mysterious about the pieces she will be bringing to the event, but wanted to let this picture slip out.
I don’t know what she’s going for here, but it looks epic.

We asked Celeste some questions, and here is what she said.

Destination Vinylmation: As a reminder, can you tell our fans how long you’ve been making custom vinyl?
Celeste: I’ve been creating Vinylmation for about a year now and it’s still going on strong. Every new piece is a challenge and I love every minute of it. Having the opportunity to share my work is a great thing and I cherish the support and encouragement people have given me.

DV: We really love your pieces, which ones will you be bringing to the event?
Celeste: Well I don’t to give too much away, most of the pieces are never before seen customs that I created for the show so you have to come and check it out personally, of course I will have the pics of the customs posted after the show for those who couldn’t attend. So all I can show is a teaser of one. (See above pic) They actually are floating and are a small piece to the a big whole.

DV: Those both scare and intrigue me. Where can fans find more of your stuff?
Celeste: Of course you can check out my work at my site at or Facebook at Celeste Custom Vinylmations.

DV: Well thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy this weekend’s show!

Well there ya go, a bit spooky, and very mysterious, Celeste. Go to the show this weekend and see what she (and all the artists) are all about.

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