Spotlight On: Customation Project Artist Chelsey

We are going to finish the week off with one of the best artists. (I maybe be partial, I have one of her customs!) We’ve featured her before here on Destination Vinylmation. The first time was for her awesome Kevin from Up. She also made use this awesome Destination Vinylmation custom!

Destination Vinylmation: If, for some reason our readers haven’t read about you before, where can they find your stuff?
Chelsey: You can check out my stuff at:

DV: WE love your stuff (of course!) How long have you been making custom vinyls?
C: I have been making custom vinyls for almost 10 months now.

DV: Can we have a sneak peak into the pieces you’ll be bringing to the show?
C: I’m still working on several pieces. But the two pieces I have ready are Mickey as Wolverine 9″ and Captain from Wall-E 9″ + Wall-E & Eve set.

DV: Those sound awesome. Why did you choose Mickey and Marvel?
C: Since Marvel is part of Disney now, I decided to show the merge on my vinyl as well. That’s why I created this Classic Mickey as Wolverine 9″ custom. He has the classic expression along with his cigar :). He took me 4 days to finish. I really like how it turned out. Really shows the combination of two classic figures.

DV: He looks great. You seem to really like Pixar movies, it sounds like you really like Wall-E. Tell us about the set you’re bringing.
The next piece I’m going to present is a set. The 9″ one is the captain of Axiom in “Wall-E”. I really like when he find out that “Auto” was the on who’s controlling everything and tried to fight back scene. That’s why I also created “Auto” in his hand. He also have a tough look when he’s fighting back (which I reflected on his face). Besides the Captian will be my version of Wall-E and Eve. I do like the official Wall-E and Eve combo set. However, I feel like Wall-E is too “clean” as he worked for over 700 years to clean the place. There’s must be some dust and rusty spots on him. That’s why I created this “original” Wall-E. I also like the scene where Wall-E takes care of Eve when she finds the plant and went into “sleep” mode. That’s why my eve is in “sleep” mode. This set took me week and half to finish. I’m also pretty happy about how it turns out.
DV: Those look amazing! Thanks again for all your contribute to the world of vinyl. I can’t wait to meet you as soon as I can!