Vinylmation Speculation: Star Wars 2 characters

First off, we only know two official characters. So as a reminder, this is all just speculation from MC’s brain.

We know of two characters, Greedo and a Tusken Raider. We also know that the set will be based on the Star Wars: A New Hope.

Now for what I want/think should be part of the set.


Jack Purvis and others

If we have Raiders we should also get a Jawas. This could be the triple for the case! Imagine an army of these guys. (Unless they come out as Jr.’s which would rock even more.)

Aunt Beru

Sheila Frasier

And think, there could be a “on fire skeleton” variant! (I was gonna add a pic of that scene, but it’s still pretty horrific.)

Uncle Owen

Phil Brown

Also treated to a similar fate, but good for a set.

Luke Skywalker (X-Wing pilot)

Mark Hamill

We have him as a novice Jedi, how about the outfit he spends the last half of A New Hope in.

Prisoner Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher

Again, lets see her as we first saw her, in flowing white robes.

Grand Moff Tarkin

Peter Cushing

The guy who really seemed like the antagonist in the first movie. He actually tells Vader what to do!

Wedge Antilles

Denis Lawson

One of the few Rebellion pilots to make it through all 3 movies. This guy is very very lucky.

Biggs Darklighter

Garrick Hagon

An old friend of Luke’s that joined the Rebellion as an X-Wing fighter.


William Hootkins

Big guy. Dead Guy. Poor Porkins.

Mon Mothma

Caroline Blakiston

One of the biggest political figures in the Rebellion.

Admiral Ackbar

Timothy M. Rose

The leader of the fleet that attacks the first Death Star. He knows when something is good, and when “It’s a trap!”.
From a marketing standpoint this would be brilliant. Think of all the University of Mississippi students who would want one!

Any random cantina guy

There are a lot to choose from, but they would help fill out the set. (Yes, I know his name is Pondo Baba. I say random because there are several creatures in the bar that they could use)


I didn’t have any robots for this set, so how about the much maligned Gonk. He’s a robot, that looks like a trash can. How cool is that? No, seriously. Is that cool?

Chaser- Original Jabba

This is what Jabba looked like before he was cut in the original film. Lucas later went back an covered over him with a CGI version of the Jabba we all know.

And then hopefully they will release some LE sets. Muppets 2 had them, why not Star Wars 2!

Sandcrawler 9″/Jawa 3″

I like when size matters. This would be a perfect set.

Cantina Band 3″ set

They all look the same, but this would be a great set for accessories. If they can make the 6 piece Kitchen Kabaret, then this would be similar.
Death Star 9″/
Tie 3″/X-wing 3″

This would be epic. I think they should totally do this (but this would be the only way I’d want to see vehicles done. None in the normal set please!)

I left out Han, Chewie, and Ben because they would look the same as series 1. (They don’t have a large selection of wardrobe.)
Who would you like to see as part of this set?

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