9″ Lady Liberty Will Be Online

It looks like some, non-LE Vinylmation will slowly makes their way to the new city specific section of the Disney Store Online. The latest is this 9″ Statue of Liberty figure designed by Jim Valeri.

This open edition figure was released earlier in the year at the Times Square Disney Store in NYC, but will be available online as of November 7… which also has the distinction of being the one year anniversary of the new Times Square store (and was just 2 days before our first podcast!). The retail price is $44.95. 
The Disney Vinylmation Blog also re-announced two figures that have already been for sale at the Times Square Store for awhile. They will be at the Times Square store on November 7, but were not specifically mentioned as being online.
I “Mickey Head” NY is a 9″ designed by Marcella Lau, LE 1,540 and a retail price of $49.95.
Bridges is a 9″ figure designed by Oskar Mendez. It is open edition and has a retail price of $44.95.