Collector’s Corner: Adam and Katelyn

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Name: Adam & Katelyn

Location: Florida

Collection Size: 491

3″ = 387

9″ = 90

Jrs = 14

What is your favorite Vinylmation you own?
9″ Mickey Riding Space Mountain – 35th anniversary

What is you favorite Vinylmation you DO NOT own?
Cinderella 55th anniversary Tin

Why do you collect Vinylmation?
I collect Vinylmation because I am a fan of creative art & Disney. When you combine both of those two entities, you have a huge win. I love the creativity behind each design. Each design represents and means something to me, personally. This is what fuels the fire for me behind Vinylmation.

Which of these is the best feeling: Pulling a figure you want… from a blind box you just purchased? from a great trade with another collector? from a mystery trading box at the park? from a clear trading box?
The best feeling, for me, is opening a fresh case of Vinylmation. I love the first moment when you rip off the plastic and open the lid to see all of the fresh un-opened boxes. Music to my ears…

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