Dig In on 10/30: Kidada 9″ Ice Cream Sundae on the way!

Update: 10/23/11 Kidada announced that there will also be a separately sold t-shirt that comes out the day after the vinylmation. Here’s a look at it. The shirt will have a LE of 1500 just like the vinyl.
It’s official! The new Kidada 9/3 combo featuring Peter Pan and Tinkerbell will be released exclusively online at the DisneyStore.com on October 30. This combo is an LE 1,500, so a good deal more of these than the first one to go around. It will retail for $74.95. If you remember, the original leaked images of this figure were found on the UK Disney Store Online website. But this release seems like a US Disney Store Online release according to the link on the official Disney Vinylmation blog. No word at this time if part of the 1,500 figures will be available to the UK.

The 9″ is an Ice Cream Sundae design with the 3″ being Tink on a partially unwrapped candy bar.
The back of the ear says “Never Grow Up.”
On the back, there is also a quote from the movie.
As with the first Kidada, this one comes in a brilliantly designed box. It looks like a candy shop and has “nutrition info” on the side panel.
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