Dumbos Will Duel! More Details on Storybook Circus Coming Early 2012

Disney has released more details on Storybook Circus, part of the Fantasyland Expansion at the Magic Kingdom. The following will all take place sometime between January & May of 2012:

Look! Dumbo is going the wrong way!

Actually, Dumbo is just reversing decades of flying in counter-clockwise circles. Call it “unwinding,” if you will. And in a new location within Magic Kingdom.

Guests will board Dumbo the Flying Elephant from the lovable critter’s left side — like mounting a horse … and unlike the way guests hop aboard for a whirl at Disney parks on three continents. It is scheduled to begin happening in early 2012 when select experiences in the Storybook Circus neighborhood of New Fantasyland debut just northeast of Mad Tea Party.

Also early 2012, the existing Dumbo attraction near Prince Charming Regal Carrousel will close, be refurbished and be moved to a location in Storybook Circus next to the new Dumbo attraction. The result when completed later in 2012: double Dumbos, one going this-a-way, one going that-a-way … a real circus act, if you will.

There also will be a “big top” that serves as a queue area for the popular attraction. It will feature a variety of interactive experiences currently being developed.

Two other Storybook Circus elements planned for opening early in the year are The Barnstormer and Fantasyland Station. Guests who enjoyed The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm will be happy to know the junior coaster thrills of that attraction are back with a thematic change: Goofy has sold the farm and is now a circus stunt pilot and magician, The Great Goofini. The completely re-imagined train station will serve as the gateway to Storybook Circus and all Fantasyland points beyond.

So, what’s new? We now have confirmation that the dueling Dumbos will indeed be dueling by going in opposite directions of each-other once work is completed on remodeling and moving the current attraction later in the year. Also, Disney has finally confirmed that The Barnstormer will keep its name, it will just be changing in theme. Finally, the train station will be Fantasyland Station, not Storybook Circus Station as previously reported.

For those wondering, there will be no Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction at the Magic Kingdom from January 9th through February 17th, 2012. It is expected that the new Dumbo carousel will open on February 18th as work continues on remodeling the moved, older Dumbo attraction.

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