Park Starz displayed at D-Street

Park%2BStarz%2Bat%2BD Street%2BfrontTomorrow Park Starz come out, but today Nick was at D-Street Orlando and got pictures of their display. Seeing them in person, I’m starting to like them all a little more.Park%2BStarz%2Bat%2BD Street%2Bfull%2BsideCheck out the size of these tins? You could fit a lot more into these things. I wonder if they were made this big because of a design in this set, or because of a design in a later set that needs this much room. (Reminder- Tins will make cheating even harder, which I think is good.)
Park%2BStarz%2Bat%2BD Street%2Bside%2B2Here are two closer views of the set so you can see the size ratios between each figure. And if you’re wondering, the head and torso of the Bride is solid, but the dress is hollow.

Park%2BStarz%2Bat%2BD Street%2BsideAll these figures are injected molds, not rotocast. (Thanks Thomas Scott)
Park%2BStarz%2Bat%2BD Street%2Bfront%2B2One last look at the gang before they can be purchased tomorrow. And don’t forget the signing with Thomas Scott and Casey Jones at WDW D-Street Friday from 5-7.