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DV: Hi and welcome to Destination Vinylmation. I meet you at the Florida Project when I saw all these people crowded around you looking at the necklace you had on. Before we get into that specifically, let’s talk about you. Who are you and what kinda of artistic background do you have?
SB: Well, my name is Shauna Blatherwick. I am originally from New Jersey. I grew coming to Disney almost every year, so when it was finally time to leave the nest, I decided the only other place on earth I would want to live would be right next to Disney World. I grew up in a dance studio, and started taking my first art lessons at age 9. I went onto the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where I studied metalsmithing, glass blowing, jewelry design, fine arts and dance. I majored with a BFA and a concentration in Jewelry design. Since college, I have started my own line of jewelry, which I try to reinvent on a regular basis.

DV: Do you collect Disney Vinylmation? If so, which is your favorite?
SB: Yes, I do collect Vinylmation! My favorite Vinylmation so far are the Bakery Series cupcakes. I have a feeling the new Alice set will soon become my new favorite.

DV: Where did you come up with the idea for this necklace?
SB: I started making my own 3 inch Vinylmations back in June, and had a blast doing it. Since my background is in jewelry design, it wasn’t too far fetched of an idea to start creating Vinylmations I could wear.

DV: Were there any particular challenges with making this? What part was the hardest?
SB: The biggest challenge came from getting the shape of the Vinyl just right. Just casting the piece proved not to work because of all the pulling and stretching the polymer clay did while trying to release it from the mold. Once I had a good shape in the polymer clay, I fired it and then made a mold of that piece which I use Over and over.

DV: Since there are no Design Your Own Jrs, you make your own?
SB: I tried making a mold directly from the Jr. itself, but it would stretch and and pull making the Vinyl shape long and skinny. I then decided to just try to mimic the shape myself by hand sculpting it. The hands and ears seem to create the biggest challenge but the basic shape is there.

DV: How long does it take?
SB: Most of the pieces take me an average of about 2-3 days to complete from beginning to end. Close to 12-15 hours per piece because they are hand molded, then sanded, then hand painted. I paint 2-4 layers of paint, then sand it down, then add another 2-4 layers of paint and re-sand. I keep doing this until I get the look I want. Once I have a good base coat, then I just start to doodle on the piece with paint until I see a design or pattern I like. Once the paint is dry, the crystals are added and the piece is sealed with a glaze.

DV: Have you do any designing with vinylmation other then the Jrs necklaces? If so, which other ones are you favorite?
SB: I have designed several 3 inch Vinylmations. All of which I use Swarovski crystals on them. I modeled them after my after line as well. I have also made 2 9 inch vinyls. My favorite so far has to be my newest 3 inch vinyl of Rapunzel. She is not fully completed but is about 95% done. My second favorite is a Scrump Doll (from Lilo and Stitch) which I made over the summer.

DV: If someone would like to know more about your pieces or get one for themselves, where can they go to find out more?
SB: I have listed some of my vinyl jewelry on my website. To get a custom piece made you can email me at Glassdezignz at If you would like to purchase or see more of my designs that I currently have, you can visit my website at My information website is currently being revamped and is down for construction at this time.

DV: After a quick look at your site I know exactly why you like the Bakery Series. Lots of awesome food inspired pieces in your line. Thanks for dropping by, and good luck with Vinylmation!

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