Vinylmation Speculation: What’s left for Villains? Part 1

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My name is Annemarie Brown and when I heard Destination Vinylmation wondering what villains would be left that they could add to another series of Villains I started to do some research. This is what I found… There are actually plenty of villains left to do another series, even two more if they get creative. This is part one of a two part look into Disney Villains.

Chernabog from “Fantasia”… this isn’t even an obscure villain, as any Disney fan can attest to. Most likely the ultimate villain, actually! He would make a great chaser, I think.
Ratigan from “The Great Mouse Detective”- My personal FAVORITE villain! How they haven’t made a Vinylmation of him yet is beyond me. He oozes evil with the help of Vincent Price’s voice talents.
Of course, Lucifer from “Cinderella” was every bit as memorable as Lady Tremaine!
Continuing with Walt Disney’s personal dislike of cats (and inclination to make them villains!) We have the Siamese Cats from Lady and the Tramp, who would be great as two characters on one vinylmation.
The Headless Horseman from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” would also make a cool chaser. Maybe a removable head or headpiece?
Willie the Giant, from “Mickey and the Beanstalk” voiced by Billy Gilbert. He makes an appearance also in “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” as the Ghost of Christmas Present… but “Beanstalk” is when he’s a true threat to our hero Mickey.

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  • Oh heck they’re loads more villains to go around, although the most recognisable/loved have been used for set 1 and 2. I totally like to see a brer fox and brer bear sometime. Others characters include…
    – The ugly stepsisters from Cinderella
    – Gideon from Pinocchio
    – The weasels (weasel) from Mr Toad
    – Mr Smee from Peter Pan
    – Diablo the raven from Sleeping Beauty
    – Horace & Jasper from 101 Dalamations
    – Edgar from the Aristocats
    – Sheriff of Nottingham, Sir Hiss, a Rhino Guard from Robin Hood.
    -Heffalumps and Woozles from Winnie the Pooh
    – Madame Medusa or Brutus and Nero from The rescuers
    – Chief & Amos Slade
    – The Horned King 3″ from Black Cauldron
    – Sykes, Roscoe and DeSoto from Oliver and Company
    – Flotsam and Jetsam from Little Mermaid
    – McLeach from Rescuers down under
    – Gaston and Lefou from Beauty and the Beast
    – Iago from Aladdin
    – Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame
    – Main and Panic from Hercules
    – Shan Yu’s eagle from Mulan
    – Clayton or Sabor from Tarzan
    – Kronk from the Emperors new groove
    – Hopper from Bugs Life
    – Commander guy from Atlantis
    – Sid from Toy Story
    – Gantu from Lilo and Stitch
    – Randall or Mr Watermoose from Monster’s Inc.
    – John Silver from Treasure Planet
    – Alameda Slim from Home on the Range
    – Mother Gothel from Tangled
    – A seagull or Dalla from Finding Nemo
    – Syndrome from Incredibles
    – Charles Muntz from UP

    And those are just from films, there’s more in tv and shorts, plus minor evil characters e.g. cyclops from Hercules or the Coachman from Pinocchio.

  • we have had no pixar characters in the villains series. please let this mean a pixar centric series is on the horizon

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