Adam Roth’s 11/28/11 Epcot Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited Epcot yesterday and took a TON of newsworthy photos to share with us, so let’s take a look:

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The RFID ticket test is over for now while they work out the bugs…

DSC00028 L

They should be back soon

DSC00029 L

DSC00030 L

The holiday topiary display is up

DSC00031 L

DSC00032 L


DSC00033 L

Stitch bit the card…

DSC00034 L

DSC00035 L

No line for Spaceship Earth

DSC00038 L

Holiday floral behind Spaceship Earth

DSC00039 L

The tip board still works!

DSC00041 L

It now sports a Holidays Around the World image

DSC00046 L

Club Cool has been decorated for the holidays

DSC00047 L

DSC00048 L

DSC00050 L

Joyful! is back

DSC00051 L

DSC00052 L

DSC00054 L

Another set of topiaries by the fountain

DSC00056 L

DSC00057 L

DSC00058 L

DSC00059 L

DSC00062 L

New sign outside of Kim Possible World showcase Adventure kiosks

DSC00063 L

DSC00064 L

The Epcot Christmas tree is up

DSC00065 L

DSC00066 L

DSC00067 L

DSC00068 L

More decorations

DSC00072 L

Canada is still behind tarps

DSC00073 L

DSC00075 L

No Off Kilter, but Papa Noel was performing for Holidays Around the World

DSC00076 L

DSC00077 L

DSC00078 L

Rose and Crown decorated

DSC00080 L

France storyteller stage

DSC00081 L

DSC00082 L

On to France

DSC00083 L

DSC00084 L

France decorations

DSC00088 L

The temporary Japan booth from Food & Wine remains as Yakitori House is still closed

DSC00089 L

DSC00090 L

Walls still up at Yakitori House

DSC00091 L

A look inside…

DSC00095 L

The Storytellers stage in Japan

DSC00096 L

DSC00097 L

More walls

DSC00098 L

Walls also up around the small food vendor

DSC00099 L

DSC00100 L

A look from above

DSC00101 L

DSC00102 L

A look inside

DSC00103 L

DSC00104 L

DSC00105 L

Workers finishing up

DSC00106 L

Candlelight Processional running

DSC00107 L

DSC00108 L

Santa’s Village is open at the American Adventure

DSC00109 L

DSC00110 L

Precious Moments doll signing

DSC00111 L

Candlelight Processional booth… and I won’t comment on anything else in the photo…

DSC00112 L

DSC00113 L

DSC00114 L

DSC00116 L

Santa and Mrs. Claus

DSC00117 L

DSC00118 L

DSC00119 L

DSC00120 L

Kwanzaa booth

DSC00122 L

DSC00123 L

DSC00124 L

DSC00125 L

DSC00127 L

There is a sign for the gingerbread house outside of the Liberty Inn

DSC00129 L

DSC00130 L

DSC00131 L

DSC00132 L


DSC00133 L

DSC00134 L

DSC00135 L

DSC00136 L

The Liberty Inn is decorated

DSC00137 L

DSC00138 L

The snowman Mickey buckets are back

DSC00139 L

The overflow restrooms are back for the Candlelight Processional

DSC00140 L

DSC00141 L

Long line to enter the theater

DSC00142 L

Storytellers in Italy

DSC00144 L

DSC00145 L

DSC00146 L

The train village in Germany now celebrates the season

DSC00147 L

DSC00148 L

DSC00149 L

Germany decorated

DSC00151 L

Storyteller on the schedule in Germany

DSC00152 L

Germany stage

DSC00153 L

DSC00154 L

DSC00157 L


DSC00158 L

Ornaments and alcohol, a great mix!

DSC00178 L

China stage

DSC00179 L

DSC00180 L

DSC00182 L

Storytelling going on in Norway

DSC00183 L

DSC00185 L

DSC00189 L

Decorations on La Hacienda

DSC00190 L

The Mexico stage

DSC00191 L

DSC00192 L

Decorations on La Cantina

DSC00193 L

Stitch also got caught up in some lights…

DSC00194 L

DSC00195 L

Donald and Goofy are ice skating

DSC00196 L

DSC00197 L

DSC00198 L

Bambi looks on… goodbye sweet prince…

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