Hayley Nance’s 11/11/11- 11/13/11 DLR Photo Report

The holidays have arrived at the Disneyland Resort and the parks are getting ready for the busiest season of the year. DLNT Photographer Hayley Nance was at the parks this past weekend and took some newsworthy photos to share.

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The holidays are here, only some decorations are up on Main Street

1001931 L

1001929 L

1001932 L

The Omnibus looking good for the season

1001933 L

1001935 L

Work on Jolly Holiday Bakery continues

1001936 L

The Pirates facade refurbishment is wrapping up

1001937 L

1001939 L

1001938 L

1001940 L

1001942 L
1001941 L

1001944 L

1001945 L

1001946 L

Short wait for mansion (Is that Fastpass sign new?)

1001947 L

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Splash Mountain has been decorated

1001984 L

1001988 L

Tigger has been stuck in this position past few rides I have been on

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1001998 L

TO: Brer Bear, Brer Fox

FROM: Brer Rabbit

1001999 L

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Neat penny press in New Orleans Square

1002004 L


1002006 L

Court of Angels decked out with a lot of blue

1002007 L

Lots of holiday merchandise for sale

1002009 L

1002008 L

1002010 L

Blue Bayou is scheduled to reopen on the 23rd

1002011 L

I want this sign…

1002012 L

1002013 L

Some props have been refreshed in the Indy queue

1002089 L

Get your Matterhorn rides in now as it will be closing early next year for the second half of its major refurbishment

1002090 L

Slow day at the parks

1002091 L

1002092 L

1002093 L

Now for a quick ride through this years small world Holiday

1002095 L

1002097 L

1002096 L

1002098 L

1002099 L

1002100 L

1002101 L

1002102 L

1002103 L

1002104 L

1002105 L

1002111 L

1002110 L

1002112 L

IMG00295 20111113 1008 L

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A new addition this year, a giant snowman in the finale

IMG00265 20111111 1530 L

This years Christmas tree on Main Street

IMG00266 20111111 1530 L

IMG00267 20111111 1543 L

IMG00273 20111111 1722 L

Now for some quick pictures from DCA

IMG00274 20111111 1722 L

IMG00277 20111111 1723 L

IMG00276 20111111 1723 L

IMG00280 20111111 1734 L

New turnstiles decorated for the holidays

IMG00281 20111111 1735 L

IMG00282 20111111 1735 L

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Carthay Circle coming along

IMG00359 20111113 1320 L

Love this shirt

IMG00360 20111113 1320 L

and this one…

IMG00361 20111113 1321 L

and this one.

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  1. FYI: The Mary Poppins-themed bakery that they're working on is called "The Jolly Holiday" bakery. That's the name of one of the songs in the movie.

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