Holiday 3 Vinylmation Explained

Artist: Various
Release Date: December 9th 2011
Price: $9.95

Update: 1/20/12 Holiday 3 now available at Hong Kong Disneyland. Interesting comment on the Hong Kong Disney Facebook page: Gerard – “Some of them are pretty “exotic” in a sense that we, as a Konger, can’t really connect ourselves to them.” Allthough Disney artists are doing a good job expanding outside US holidays, the comment does make some sense. What are you thoughts? Will the designs and the appeal of some of the holiday’s ties to the US make them appealing overseas? Or will they be slow sellers?

Update: A reader Don sent us an email confirming the Dragon as the chaser from a seller on eBay who has already been able to open a fresh case.

11/29/11 Pictures of 11 of the 12 figures and 2 variants from this set have shown up on Disney’s Vinylmation website. This revealed one figure we have not yet seen:

The Chinese New Years Dragon. This figure is absolutely amazing looking. The colors and detail make this instantly one of my favorite Holiday vinyls. The only figure from the 12 piece set not pictured on Vinylmation’s website, but already revealed as a Holiday 3 design was Puppy Love (see picture below). As I said, two variants have been revealed:

An inverse colored Christmas Ornament. This one makes a ton of sense and is a perfect color change variant. The second one doesn’t make as much sense to me.

Instead of a green clear, this Jelly Bean variant uses red. The green made so much sense to me as it represents the fake green grass inside the Easter basket. It’s a nice variant, just does fit logically for me. We also updated some of the pictures blow with the first look at the non-pin version or artwork version of Pot O’ Gold and some interesting figure backs that stood out to us. Also standing out, is the side of Fireworks with the fuse.

Update: 11/21/11 Date for release: December 9th 2011.

Update: 8/28/11 New pics added as most of set was revealed at the Sci-Fi event and D23 Expo. And we have a release date… this is the first announced 2012 release. We will see Holiday 3 in January 2012.

Last year we got the first glimpse of the Holiday 3 set. This page will keep track of the list of vinyls as we get them. Keep checking back for more.

Christmas Ornament

We now have plenty of Vinylmation to make your spirits bright around the holidays! This is a nice red and green design you would find on a glass Christmas Ornament. Would have liked to see a hook accessory, but that may be saved for Jingle Smells.


Founding Father

Hail to the Chief. Looks like a President’s Day figure. Powdered wig, a colonial uniform and the Presidential Seal in the ear.

Jelly Beans

Multi-colored jelly beans falling against what could be fake plastic green grass that you would find in an Easter Basket. With all these sweet Holiday Vinylmation year after year, Disney will have to make a tooth fairy vinyl because my teeth are falling out.



Boom! And explosive design to celebrate the 4th of July. I like this design a lot. The pointed head will be great. The warning label in the ear is a perfect touch.

Love the back!

Day of the Dead

A colorful tribute to the Mexican Holiday. We have the Trade City Day of the Dead, but this one has great detail. It has a skull in the head. The maracas in the head and ears make this an exciting design.

A beautifully designed vinyl

Cranberry Sauce

Vinylmation Farms apparently grows cranberries in addition to raising cows for milk and squeezing OJ. The silver on the arms and feet represent the can and label lets us know there is a yummy Thanksgiving Day side dish inside. It appears to already be coming out of the can as represented in the head.

Nutrition info NEVER gets old

Pot o’ Gold
This was revealed on St. Patrick’s Day 2011.
The body is a green pot with a four leaf clover. It is filled with gold with rays of golden shine filling the head of the figure.
Shot Thru the Heart Puppy Love

Revealed on February 16th 2011. It seems like a bear or is a dog who’s been hit with an arrow from Cupid. Poor guy, he doesn’t know what he’s in for. With all those hearts, it seems like a prime place to hide a Mickey.

Now that Disney released the official name, Puppy Love, the dog makes much more sense.

Dreidel Hanukkah

This was shown back in November of 2010. The body is a dreidel, with the front showing the Shin side (which means you add one to the pot, the worst possible outcome to a spin). Shown on the head and the right ear are gold Hanukkah gelt, which is sometimes used while playing with a dreidel. These days the gelt are gold foil covered pieces of chocolate. Also of note is that one of the gelt has a picture of a menorah, the candelabrum used during Hanukkah.


This was a popular figure. A cool hat accessory comes with this green witch. She has a lot of ugly detail in her face. And her ears are painted a Halloween purple. Unfortunately, nothing special on the back.

April Fools Jester

Disney has often given us some great April Fools Day pins, so it’s a bout time we get a Vinylmation to celebrate this jokesters holiday. He has a simple, fun look to him. I like the eyes and tongue sticking out.


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