Matt Valdez’s 11/17/11 DLR Photo Report

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!! I would like to welcome Matt Valdez to Disneyland News Today as a staff photographer. Matt already has a photo report to share with us…

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Starting off in Disneyland

Main Street is already decked out for the holidays

The new Disney Gallery exhibit, “Trains of Disney” is now open at the Disney Gallery

The rocks at the front of Adventureland still look strange to me. Bright turquoise was a strange choice.

Work on the Jolly Holiday Bakery continues.

Good day to be at the parks

Not much visible progress on the exterior

Nope, they are still funny looking

Planter work in Adventureland

The Pirates refurbishment wrapped up today

The only changes reported was that now both Blackbeard and Davy Jones are on the waterfall right before the battle scene.

How about a quick look around Santa’s Reindeer Round-up


Some LED snow on the castle roof

Wreath in the Small World Mall

Notice that the reefs on the facade are missing this year because of the Magic, The Memories, and You needs a flat surface to project on to

Quick peek at decorations around Toon Town

One of the trees that was imported from Walt Disney World’s Toon Town

No extended queue today at Star Tours

Into DCA

Buena Vista Street Construction

Attempt at decorating the DCA entrance way

Carthay Circle Theater

The Carthay Circle fountain was on



Elias & Company Depatment Store

The Pump House

The Backlot entrance showing a little wear

The workwalls along the entrance have been moved around and they are no longer the blue Electronica walls… Interesting

Walking down by Tower…

New work walls at the parade gates

Looks like some executives are getting a VIP look at Cars Land

The giant ornaments have returned to Flick’s Fun Fair

The mural is cracked and faded, wondered what’s going to happen to it

Cars Land

The leaning tower of tires has been constructed

So has the sign for Luigi’s

The mountain side facing pacific wharf has been mostly completed

Looking back the Carhtay Circle Theater


The Christmas Tree is up in Paradise Pier


The Cadillac Range from Paradise Park

Another mustache!!

Decorations on The Little Mermaid

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