Vinylmation Speculation: Furry Friends by Anne Marie

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There’s a lot of awesome Vinylmation coming out over the next few months, but one set that has me wondering has got to be the only-announced “Furry Friends” set to come out next year. Will the actual vinyls have fur on them? Could this be a whole new type of vinyl we haven’t seen before?
This is obviously all speculation, but I think it could be a series including Disney pets: specifically cats and dogs. They’re furry friends to most of us, and I think this would make a great set of 12. I’m thinking 6 dogs and 6 cats.
Possible inclusions:(1 and 2) Pluto, of course, is Mickey’s faithful friend to the end. This set wouldn’t be complete without him. Nor would it be complete without Figaro, Gepetto’s cat (and also Minnie’s in a couple of the shorts!) as a perfect counterpart to Pluto, as they’ve actually starred together in several shorts.

Next on the list are (3 and 4) Oliver and Georgette from “Oliver and Company.” They’re both Jenny’s pets, and both great characters in their own right. Dodger’s gotten a great vinyl of his own, but there are so many fantastic characters in this movie that if not here, I hope to see more in future Animation series!

(5) Nana may be the most useful and trusty pet of them all. As nursemaid to Wendy, Michael and John in “peter Pan,” she’s only too happy to care for them all.

(6) Rufus was a great comfort to little Penny in the orphanage in “The Rescuers.” With his glasses, mustache, and scarf, Rufus is a fantastic character that deserves his own vinyl.

(7) Copper, Amos Slade’s hunting dog in “The Fox and the Hound.”

(8) Little Brother is Mulan’s puppy, and would be an adorably obscure vinylmation choice.

(9 and 10)We have Marie already, so how about a Duchess and O’ Malley? For that matter, they could always include Toulouse and Berlioz to round out the kitten trio.

(11) Prince Eric’s dog Max from “The Little Mermaid,” of course!

(12) My choice for a chaser would be Mittens, the feisty feline in “Bolt.”

There are quite a few other options as well.
Jock and Trusty from “Lady and the Tramp” would be great Furry Friends for a Pets set. (Lady and the Tramp would be as well, but I expect to see them at SOME point in some incarnation, I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen them yet!)

Sergeant Tibbs from “101 Dalmatians” is a great furry friend to the 99 dalmatian puppies who needed to escape! And we already have a Pongo, so how about a Perdita?

Percy from “Pocahontas”… maybe with a collar and tiny bell accessory?

There are many great pets to choose from in the world of Disney, and this speculation may be completely off. But I hope to find out soon enough who our “Furry Friends” will be!

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