2011 Year in Review: Annemarie Looks Back

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Each day this week, someone from the Destination Vinylmation staff will give their Top 10 list from 2011. The lists can include just about anything from figures to sets to headlines to personal moments. Please feel free to comment with your favorites and memorable stories from the past year as well. (Other lists: Nick, Claudia, Zoe)

Annemarie Brown

10. My Very First Pull: Lotso
The first time I bought a Vinylmation (thus beginning my descent into the vinylmation abyss) was a Toy Story Lotso in Tomorrowland at WDW’s Magic Kingdom.

I had no idea what these things were, but I knew I liked them. I had nearly 20 by the end of our vacation and haven’t stopped since! Thanks, Lotso!

9. Japan “Mushu” exclusive
This has to be one of the very best 3″ vinyls out there. The detail and design on this figure is just incredible.

It’s not often I wish a 3″ was a 9″ but this is one of those rare cases. Well done, Japan!

8. Completing what I call my “Matterhorn Set!” 
Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds is my favorite Disney attraction, so I had to get every figure associated with it (so far!) The Park 6 9″ and the Park 5 Abominable Snowman almost rounded it out, but I needed to grab a whole set of monorails to complete the look.

These figures together create one of my favorite “sets” in Vinylmation!

7. Thomas Scott “Alice” signing in CA
Granted, this is the only Vinylmation event I’ve been able to go to, but it was a great one! It was awesome to meet and chat with fellow collectors, a couple of whom helped me round out my set with trades.

Most of the signings happen in Florida obviously, so I jumped at the chance to get one of my Alice vinyls signed by the awesome Thomas Scott, who was kind enough to answer my annoying questions, not to mention responsible for designing two of my favorite sets, which leads me to…

6. The Alice in Wonderland set
Probably my favorite 3″ set, the colors are vibrant and the design is fantastic.

The Hatter’s hat and Caterpillar’s neck piece, not to mention the new addition of Cheshire Cat’s tail make this an amazing set.

5. Pulling Mother Gothel
This is the only chaser I’ve ever pulled from a blind-box set.

Anyone who’s pulled one knows the excitement of getting one, but Gothel is a special circumstance, I REALLY wanted her. She’s a phenomenal chaser.

4. Park 6 “Up” 9″
This is my favorite 9″ by far.

I’m not even a huge fan of the movie (I know, feel free to throw things at me) but the design on this Maria Clapsis figure is perfect for the 9″ format. I love the colors and the simplicity.

3. My custom Peter and the Wolf project
One of the best parts of Vinylmation to me has been the inspiration it gives artists to design their own work.

Particularly, this Peter and the Wolf 9″ might be my favorite art project I’ve done all year, period. (And I do a lot of art, guys.) It was a thrill for me to bring one of my favorite Disney cartoons to a vinylmation.

2. Park Starz
I realize this is a controversial stance, but Park Starz is my favorite vinylmation series to date. I love it. The stylized look drew me in; if the set had looked more naturally like the characters, I probably wouldn’t have had as much interest.

I can have a dozen Figment toys, but not any are him shaped as a bowling pin (awesome!) I simply can’t WAIT for series 2 of this set.

Mulder LOVES his Ice Gator!

It’s been such a fun year meeting so many awesome fellow vinylmation fans on the Internet; to me, it’s the best part about it. Trading, sharing, and just creating a network of awesome people has been a blast. If I’ve ever communicated or traded with you, I thank you. And I hope to meet more of you guys over the years to come!

Look at us all, like vinylmation cats. Different molds, different series, but all coming together! (Wasn’t that poetic?)

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*Park Starz is my favorite series, not Aries. Damn autocorrect.

Claudia Hurtado
Claudia Hurtado

Great article. I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your custom. Great detail and sharp lines!!!


Thanks! :)