2011 Year in Review: MC Remembers the Un-Remembered

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Each day this week, someone from the Destination Vinylmation staff will give their Top 10 list from 2011. The lists can include just about anything from figures to sets to headlines to personal moments. Please feel free to comment with your favorites and memorable stories from the past year as well. (Other lists: Nick, Annemarie, Zoe, Claudia)

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I thought I’d make my list a bit different from everyone else. I took the other four lists and used them to create a fifth list, “Those who have yet to be named.” So here is my list of the Top Ten As Of Yet Unmentioned of 2011.

10. Park 7
A full set of 12 figures that represent one single park seems crazy, but by all accounts this set has been a success.

The collective thematic design of the set and packaging takes the Park series a step forward. I’ll talk more about cohesion in the next part, but I like how they did this set. Thank you Disney. I can’t wait til Park 8!

9. Small World Juniors 4

I don’t collect Juniors, but if I did, this is the set that I would start with. Until this set, the Juniors sets were themed, but almost randomly. This set, by Thomas Scott, perfectly showed how much detail could be on a junior, as well as how cohesive and Disney-fied a set of juniors could be.

I’m glad this idea is continuing with the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs set scheduled for release in 2012.

8. Variants
This happened by surprise early this year, and we had a direct connection to it. At the Star Wars event outside D-Street in January, Nick pulled the very first (and to date one of the coolest) variants… Ghost Obi-wan.

No one knew it even existed until Nick’s Obi-wan (and his hand) were tweeted around the world. It was a great time to be a Vinylmation collector and that moment has almost never been topped.

7. 1st DeeVee Awards
Along with our Anniversary (see below) we got a chance to produce our first awards show. Not only was the writing and production fun (and hard work, just ask Nick) but we also got to invite a lot of friends to present the awards. The awards themselves were a great chance to poll the public and see what they were thinking. We had so many more ballets then we ever thought we would. It made it difficult to count the votes, but we loved how many people responded. Congrats to all the nominees for this year’s DeeVee awards. It’s an honor just to be able to nominate you!

6. D23
Back in August, Nick and I both attended the D23 event in Anaheim, CA. The biggest Disney fan event showed us new video games, attractions, and t-shirt designs; but the most interesting part was the new Vinylmation that were revealed. Along with them we got to meet Thomas Scott again (he gave me a signed Bearded Man) and Alex Maher (designer of the DLR Poster set and various pins), both of whom were the nicest people. Another cool part of the convention was meeting up with all our online CA friends. Including meeting Zoe for the first time in person. This would have been higher on the list, but I’m sure my cold later in the trip was caught during the Con.

5. Non Vinyl Accessories

Accessories are always an interesting part of any one’s collection. With Combo Contest #3 around the corner, the new mold’s accessories are going to be thrust out front and center. But until this year, all the hats and glasses have been vinyl. Starting in January (at various times depending on when the Disney Store decided to release them) accessorizing was taken to the next step… non-vinyl pieces. It started with the skirt of the 9″ Hippo and will continue with the bow on the back of Marie from Furry Friends. I applaud the “outside of the box” ideas like this from the Disney Artists that allow for the interesting approaches in design that are now being implemented with more frequency.

4. Foreign/13 Piece Sets
Location Exclusives took a new step this year with several full sets being offered in foreign countries. What were only single Vinylmations in the past (like Caribbean Hero Mickey), now are fulls sets (both Zodiac sets, and maybe the future Paris set) based and released in other nations. Not only that, but now several of those sets have multiple chasers. Just when we finally thought we knew all their moves, Disney Vinylmation busts out a new one.

3. Cast Traders
This year saw the arrival of 2, well 3, different Cast Trader Variants. Starting with the two WDW 40th Anniversary variants and continuing with the Florida Project exclusive Orange Bird, we now have several pieces that you can only get from trade boxes.

Thanks to Chris for this pic

While I’d find it amusing if we could actually trade with Cast Members wearing lanyards filled with Vinylmation, these pieces we rare, but not too hard to get (if you went to the appropriate events.) What will come next? Will the two new Nerds be Cast Member Traders only?

2. First 3″ Princess Announced
Finally, after years of waiting, we have confirmed proof of the first 3″ Princess. This might seem like an odd choice, but everyone I know continues to ask when the princesses are coming.

Now we have an answer. January 30th. When will the next be announced?

1. The One Year Anniversary of Destination Vinylmation
I can’t believe that the website and the podcast both lasted a few months, let alone a full year (and more)! We’ve had so much fun doing both, not to mention all the great people we’ve meet. A giant thanks to everyone for such a great 2011 and here’s to 2012!

If you haven’t already, post your Top Ten list for 2011 right here in our comments sections and share with us your opinion!

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