A New Vinylmation Treat for Japan

According to Vinylmation World, a new exclusive blind box set is coming to Japan on December 23. It is reportedly called Romantic Treats.

I should be a set of 12 with the 11 figures above and 1 mystery chaser. They appear to have cupcake sleeves in the feet, giving the body the appearance of the cake part of the cupcake and then the head, ears and in some cases body is covered with icing and other “toppings.”

Stitch is covered in blue with a green glob dripping down. Tink is flying in the head of hers, spreading pixie dust of course. The green bottom looks great with a butterfly painted on.

Disney artist LOVE Marie! She is always tossed into these character sets. A nice white and purple covering and of course her signature pink bow in the head. Donald looks almost turned upside down with with icing on top and blue “clothing” color and the yellow buttons in the eyes.

There’s fur in my cupcake! Nope, just chip and dale digging in. Good looking coloring on these a perfect placement of the black and white stripe. They each have a topping on the head that appears to represent their nose color.

Cheshire Cat is also coming in strong with a ton of vinys of late. a crazy happy smile on the belly and his signature colors adorn the head and ears. How about that Goofy? His hat in the right ear and the green icing on the head topped with a… goofy looking swirl.

Last but not least, the Mice and the Dog. Mickey is mostly red with his yellow buttons of course. His head also appears to have a “V” shaped split in the paint where the middle has a glossy shine. Minnie has a great looking Mickey Head decorated cupcake sleeve around the feet. Her poke-a-dots cover the body and some of the head. Then a chocolaty topping has a flower on top. Pluto is similar to goofy, but with his brown and yellow colors. The paw print in the ear and dog bone in the body really finish this one off well. Will you be importing these from Tokyo? Let us know your thoughts.

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