Fantasyland Shrinks Before It Expands

Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom are being given a special warning beginning today…

The problem is not so much the waits as much as it is the space. The construction walls for New Fantasyland are moving out again so some work on the pathways can be done to prepare for the opening of Storybook Circus in just a few weeks time. Christmas week is usually busy enough, but with the walls coming out, Disney is expecting guest gridlock in Fantasyland. The hope is that giving guests this warning will get many of them to experience Fantasyland before noon. Here’s how Disney is wording it to their cast members:

As we continue preparing New Fantasyland for its debut at Magic Kingdom Park, it will be necessary to expand construction walls throughout the area. We will be using a number of tactics to help ease Guest flow through Fantasyland during this time, such as temporarily removing merchandise or food and beverage carts from the land. To ensure our Guests have the best experience possible, we will be encouraging them to visit Fantasyland in the morning hours when they can usually enjoy the shortest waits of the day. We also suggest that families with strollers leave them parked in one of the designated Fantasyland stroller locations while exploring the land.

Our advice: try to stay out of Fantasyland until 2012…

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