Max Guggenheim’s 12/17/11 DLR Photo Report

DLNT Photographer Max Guggenheim was at the Disneyland Resort yesterday and grabbed some fantastic photos of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street to share…

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How about some Cars Land photos from the Fun Wheel

MG1489 L

Curio Shop signage up

MG1491 L

Cozy Cones

MG1492 L

MG1493 L

The Backside of the Mountain is now being painted

MG1494 L

MG1485 L

MG1486 L

MG1496 L

MG1498 L

Ramones signage has also been placed

MG1499 L

MG1501 L

MG1502 L

MG1504 L

MG1505 L

MG1506 L

MG1508 L

MG1513 L

You can see the top of the Courthouse

MG1509 L

MG1515 L

Carthay Circle Theater from the fun Wheel

MG1516 L

MG1517 L

Back on the ground, more pictures of Route 66

MG1518 L

The street has been poured

MG1518 L

The courthouse looks finished on the exterior

MG1520 L

MG1522 L

Notice the peace signs next to Fillmore’s

MG1526 L

Junkyard Jamboree vehicles

MG1527 L

MG1524 L

MG1536 L

Buena Vista Street

MG1538 L

Looks like framing is done and work has begin on the exterior

MG1537 L

MG1539 L

MG1541 L

MG1540 L

MG1544 L

MG1552 L

In Disneyland, a few pics of the new Jolly Holiday Bakery sign and weather vane

MG1556 L

MG1553 L

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