Star Wars Muppets Review

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It’s the week before Christmas! Wonderful glorious Christmas. And yesterday I was among the hustle and bustle of the Disney Christmas shoppers at Downtown Disney Orlando. I began of course by stopping off at D-Street to do some trading and pick up some new Vinylmation. I then made my way over to the World of Disney store. I figured a question mark tie would make a good gift for MC this year. You can’t poke your eye out with that. Disappointed that they had none, I made my way over to the toy department. When, what to my wondering eyes should appear? But Muppets Star Wars Series One! A set of eight tiny action figures.

There are four different combo sets, each retail for $19.95. Kermit as Luke and Miss Piggy as Princess Leia. Beaker as C3P0 and Bunsen as R2D2. Fozzie as Chewy and Link Hogthrob as Han Solo. Sam the Eagle as Obi Wan and Gonzo as Darth Vader.

Collect all 4? Don’t mind if I do! But I started with only 2 today.

I’m a big Sam the Eagle fan, and him as a Jedi Knight is impossible to pass up. And come on, a chicken with a Stormtropper hat! Awesome.

The first thing I noticed about these figures is the size. While Gonzo is about Vinylmation size, Sam stands about 5 inches tall. And they are hefty. Very solid figures that allow a lot of detail to be molded in. If you put these up against the Disney Characters Star Wars figures, these tower over those and just feel much better constructed.

Sam, of course, comes with a lightsaber. They are also extremely poseable. Sam comes with joints in his shoulders, elbows and knees. A figure like Gonzo, with shorter arms, doesn’t have the elbow joints. But the figures have turning heads, wrists, and waists.

The detail is also fantastic. The Jedi robe is a soft plastic that sits over the figure. The ruffles on Sam’s tail and texture on the head is perfect. The paint job is also top notch as you don’t see much outside the lines jobs and I didn’t have to pick through all the shelves for a good one.

Packaged with Sam, the designers had Gonzo take the role of Darth Vader. His cape is much like Sam’s robe, a soft plastic and he also comes with a lightsaber.

Gonzo can also put on Vader’s mask. Unlike the Disney Character Star Wars which have helmets that wrap around the head and clasp on, Gonzo comes with 2 heads. You just pop one off and stick the other one on.

In what may be the best part, this combo comes packaged with a Camilla the Chicken as a stormtrooper.

The helmet just slips right over her head. The only part I’m disappointed about is when the helmet is placed over her, you can see she slumps and looks down.

I also purchased Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Again, I was very happy with the construction of these figures. Very durable and very poseable.

Kermit as Luke has a nicely formed robe and detail on his belt and feet.

Miss Piggy is Princess Leia, complete with robe, ring and gun.

They sculpted her hair perfectly into the signature buns and have the hood laying down in the back.

Overall, this is a fantastic series that does a great job picking the right Muppets and really making them look the Star Wars characters they represent. The value on these is great with a $20 price point coming out to the $10 per figure you pay for the Disney Character Star Wars and these are bigger, have more detail and just have a heftier construction.

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These are very cool, I just wonder why they didn’t make Kermit Han Solo so that way he wouldn’t be Miss Piggy’s brother?

Brad B
Brad B

I take it these are the new additions to YOUR collection, Nick! LOL. Glad to see Sam The Eagle is a Jedi Knight. He looks like he could take Gonzo Vader easily!! Beaker as C3PO rocks!


Where can I purchase this sets? My sons love the muppets and wants the star wars muppets for xmas.

thank you