A LOVEly Surprise

Update: I have to laugh. As I was typing this update, I went back to the Vinylmation Blog to verify what I had just read… and it changed! They did announce that this vinyl will show up in the Florida and California parks. They originally typed January 22, but then crossed it out and they say “a future date.” Stay tuned.

The Disney Store Online surprised us all with a Valentines Day treat today.

For the first time, Disney has released a special open window Valentines Day 3″ Vinylmation. Right now, it is only available online for $16.95. However, according this description, it is a Disney “Parks” item.

So I would think we may see this in the park stores soon. Here is a closer look at the figure.

The front looks like a top down view into a box of chocolates. You can see the assorted shapes and flavors. What is your favorite taste from a box of chocolates?

The back says “I Love You” and is all red with a golden bow on the body. Overall it is a nice simple design that can be displayed either way. It is a fun representation of Valentines Day. Do you hope your special someone gives you one of these on that special day? And the big question, what would you rather have… this Vinylmation or an actual box of chocolates?

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