Animation 2 Vinylmation Explained

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Animation 2
Release Date: January 13
Where: D-Streets and Disney Stores
Price: TBA

Artist Signing
January 13, 2012 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
D-Street Orlando
The artists currently scheduled to attend include Mike Sullivan, Casey Jones, Monty Maldovan, Thomas Scott, Adrianne Druade and Eric Caszatt.

Update: 01/12/12 The variants have been revealed and they, with the chaser, have a common theme.

They are all missing something! Noah’s Ark Donald doesn’t have rain in the ears or drops on the head. In my opinion, that makes this figure supremely inferior to it’s regular version. The Noah’s Ark Donald with rain drops is one of my favorites. Taking the rain away, even for a variant, takes away the sense of this figure. It is also interesting to note that this Donald’s 2nd variant (Park 6 Wet Paint Donald). Here is the second variant…

John is showing off for the ladies as he goes shirtless in the variant. It makes sense, but like many variants, not one I’ll go out and search for. What are your thoughts on these variants?

Original Article: Please leave your thoughts below… here’s mine. Character selection is phenomenal! Love the mix of classic and computer animation with some shorts and TV tossed into the mix. It’s also a nice 50/50 mix of main to supporting characters. Overall, after seeing some recent releases, I expected a tiny bit more in the detail. I think most of these are great designs, but I’m not sure they stand up to the sets we saw released in late 2011 and will see in early 2012. That being said, most are spot on capturing the film character. The artist star of this set is Casey Jones. He designed 5 of the 12 known figures and 3 of my personal favorites… Donald, Sebastian and Jose Carioca. He also used the ears better than any artist in this set. The inclusion of Kim Possible, a TV character, makes me excited about future set lists. Disney talks about 2 variants… what do you think they will be?

Bambi (1942)
Artist: Casey Jones
The skunk is drawn well and true to the character. I could use more, but the green ears well represent the forest backdrop. (more than white)

Jungle Book (1967)
Artist: Adrianne Draude
Although I like the Disney Afternoon version better, Adrianne really captured Baloo’s happy go lucky face.

Chicken Little
Chicken Little (2005)
Artist: Monty Maldovan
We have now seen new mold sets with lots of detail and shading, so I feel I want more and this is an example that falls a little flat for me. I would expect some show of feathers on the head. But I love, love, love the falling sky reference in the ears!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Artist: Monty Maldovan
Perfect. If your not going to go stylistic, I like when artists try to capture the character in the style they were originally done. This seems to capture the simple yet beautiful art of this classic Disney film.

John Henry
John Henry (2000)
Artist: Mike Sullivan
The most obscure choice in the set. This character is based on a 10 minute Disney short. Really like the hammer and the expression on the face.

Kim Possible
Kim Possible (2002-2007)
Artist: Thomas Scott
I applaud the awesome character choice. I like the way the face is drawn and I can see design wise why the pants had to come up so high, but go look at the Light Up set Rapunzel for how the hair can frame the face to slim it down. But i’m very happy she was included.

Jose Carioca
Three Caballeros (1944)
Artist: Casey Jones
Yay! So glad he is recognized here. Great face. Fantastic hat. The stars in the ears finish this one off very well.

The Little Mermaid (1989)
Artist: Casey Jones
What a perfect use of different vinyl features! The claws are welcome here. The blue clear ears and feet to give the water and bubble effect!

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)
Artist: Mike Sullivan
Not only did they do a tail, but the did it right.

Tinker Bell
Peter Pan (1957)
Artist: Casey Jones
No offence, but don’t get another Tink here. I understand there are a ton of back stage designing, production and scheduling that we don’t know the timeline of, but this is just a lesser but almost identical version of the Park 7 Tink:

Donald Duck
Fantasia 2000 (2000)
Artist: Casey Jones
Best Donald face yet by a Disney Artist! Great choice for a character and I love the use of rain in the ears and drops of water all around the head. This Donald is from the Noah’s Ark scene in the Fantasia update.

Mystery ChaserClick Image to Reveal Chaser
Combo Topper
Jiminy Cricket
Pinocchio (1940)
Artist: Bob Holden
This is Bob’s first Vinylmation and a great job. Jiminy fits the mold well and the artist did a great job with proportions. The hat is magnificent. I hate to do this… but umbrella seems to be a no brainer. We will see.

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  • You’re right about Kim Possible, it’s not even like using the hair to frame a smaller character’s head is a new thing. That’s just an inexcusably bad design.

    A lot of these designs are actually pretty lazy, they’re just the generic stretched out look that the Disney Parks team always does for characters. Other than a few, there’s really nothing special about this set. There are certainly no pieces that are must have or blow me away with creativity.

    Disney should leave all character sets for the Disney Store artists.

  • I like the character selection on this set. The simple designs really capture the essence of the simple animation films most characters came from.

    Jiminy actually fits the NEW mold really well. Wish they had included a red umbrella accessory.

    Being a Three Amigos fan, I really like the Jose Carioca design. The sombrero is very cool.

    Chicken Little’s head and body size should be reversed, but it works. Wish they could have figured a way to put the red “comb” on his head.

    Tigger, Sebastian, and Donald are nicely done.

    Kim Possible’s hair is weird. They needed to apply AIW Cheshire Cat’s tail in the upside down position as Kim’s ponytail. That would be better than what they did.

    Dopey’s hat doesn’t work. A bald head would have been better.

    We could have done without Tink and Baloo.

    John Henry and Flower vinyls are average, but I like the characters history in Disney animation.

    All in all it is a good set. You know where I would have rather seen it done, but I give it two thumbs up! May even have to find a Jiminy. ;-)

    • I hate to nitpick but the three amigos is a 1986 movie with steve martin, chevy chase, and martin short directed by john landis.

  • No, still not interested in A2. Well, except Donald, Jiminy and Jose. The rest just does not look good IMO. Especially with a repeat Tink, a Kim Pudgible or designs like Baloo or Dopey. Will only pick up a combo topper and hope it’s Jose. Or Donald. Or the chaser (here’s hoping the chaser is a excellent design!).

  • possibly dopey with diamond eyes or baloo from when he goes to see king louis to save mowglie (yknow the skirt and hat thing) :D

  • I agree that the variant Donald should have been the regular issue with Raindrop Donald being the variant. John Henry’s reg and variant designs could go either way as to which would be the better variant. Unless they pack the variants with a lot more regularity, I don’t see them being “chased” as much as past variants. Maybe just the hardest core completist need them for their sets. A pant-less Chicken Little or Jose with a large Sombrero accessory would have been more desirable IMO.

    I may actually buy a Jiminy. Jiminy being a smaller character, in “real” life, fits better on the smaller NEW mold and would look good next to my OLD mold Animation 1 Pinocchio.

  • Where can we buy these??!?!?! My local Disney store NEVER has any left and I can’t find them online. Anyone been able to find them yet?

  • I got the donald variant with no water and comes with a little sword or knife. But i dont see any photo who show the sword .

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