Cutesters at the Beach Explained

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Cutesters at the Beach
Release Date: February 10, 2012
Where: Disney Stores and D-Streets
Price: $9.95
Details: This is the 4th set in the Cutesters series. The second released as a Disney Store exclusive.

Update: 01/26/12 Pictures of entire set added. (taken at WDW trading event) We also found out this series, unlike Cutesters 3 Like You, will be released at D-Streets as well.

Update: 01/26/12 Besides the three figures confirmed at the Florida Project (Lifeguard, Snorkeler, Beach Ball) the rumored set list is as follows: Crab, Turtle, Volleyball Player, Snow Cone Stand, Snow Cone, Seagull, Starfish/Sand Dollar, Surfer.


This set premiers some new accessories. Lifeguard has a visor. The swim suit has the white cross on it and a whistle is painted on around her neck.

We saw this one at the Florida Project. The goggles look good in person and are a fun addition. The bubbles in the ears really help this one pull off the underwater feel.
Beach Ball

This is a very good fit and a perfect use of the entire canvas. A splash of water at the feet, footprints in the sand, beach ball in the head and a sun shining bright in the ear.

Absolutely brilliant design. Cartoonish crab peeking out over the sand with sea shells in the foreground. The crab fits perfectly.

For sure fits the title Cutester. 
Volleyball Player

A neat design with the goggles shaded in over the eyes. She has a big volleyball painted on the body.
Snow Cone Stand

What a smart design and goes perfectly with the Snow Cone vinyl. Really three parts to this one… sand in feet, stand and sign in body, and the order window in the head! Great.
Snow Cone

Another design that just fits in so many ways. A clear body and clear ears are used and I agree 100% with the choice.

For sure a cute face. Many of the faces, especially on the animals, have similar characteristics blending this set seamlessly together. 
Sea Shells

Simple, but effective and fits the set nicely. 

Maybe the most ordinary figure in the set. A blond girl with sun screen on the nose and wearing a wet suit. I do like the bird in the ear.

Mystery Chaser

Sand Castle, Scuba Diver, Metal Detector? What are your thoughts?

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Love! Love! Love! Gotta have Cutesters and the whole series is adorable. Yes it is new mold, but they are all so cute. Saw them at the Trade Event and fell in love with them all!! Maybe the chaser is a shark? Sand pail? Sunscreen SPF? Beach blanket/towel? The Ocean?


The crab is cool!

Brad B
Brad B

The turtle looks Squirt from Nemo.

kristi g
kristi g

Sand Castle should be the chasher


I have a feeling it’s gotta be a boy of some sort ;)