Disney Mozart: A Pint Sized Speculation

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Hey y’all! Tis been a long time, but this is my first article in a while. I am going to use this article to speculate on the upcoming Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Junior set. I’m skipping the ‘This and That’ set, because I don’t really get the concept. So here goes with the speculation.








8-Snow White (Possible Variant-Awake and Asleep or at the well in her brown dress)

Brown Dress


10-Queen Grimheld


12-Magic Mirror (I would love to see some use of smoky clear on this one)

13-Huntsmen (Possible Hat or Dagger Accessories)

14-Witch’s Raven

15-Vulture (I only think there’ll be one because they’re exactly the same in the movie)

16-Apple (Possible Variant-Poison Apple)

Poison Apple

17-Prince’s Horse (Chaser 1)

18-Jewels from the Dwarfs’ Mine (Chaser 2) This could be really cool if they use clear

This is what I think will end up being the line up, but feel free to comment with what y’all think. Until next time y’all.


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Brad B
Brad B

Your ideas for the set are spot on. The Huntsman would look cool. The IASW translated well to Jrs. Snow White may be even better with Snow and the Dwarfs being “stars.”


Very nice! My only change would have to be removing the vulture and make the Prince’s horse a common Jr. The other chaser could be the Prince’s castle. A clear Jr. with a gold castle and yellow rays emitting from the center.