Funko Disney Pop! Vinyl Series 3 Explained

Funko Disney Pop! Vinyl Series 3
Where: Disney Stores and Online
Price: $12.50

The Disney Store surprised us Thursday with the appearance of Pop! Vinyl Series 3 online. Coming only 4 months after Series 2, this set gives a strong character selection and seems to step it up a little bit on the designs. With seemingly more hats, accessories and such and maybe even a little more detail overall. Funko also likes sticking in multiple characters from the same movie in each series. This one includes 2 from Alice, The Little Mermaid and The Incredibles.

Toy Story

Amazing! Honestly, I was looking at my Disney collection 3 days ago and said “I need more Toy Story Alien stuff.” He’s my 2nd favorite Disney character.

The Little Mermaid

Perfectly designed. Except for Hook, my favorite design of this set.

Cheshire Cat
Alice in Wonderland

All the Vinylmation now this… plenty of Cheshire Cats to add to your collection now. Love the huge smile and tail.

Donald Duck

Like the classic look of the design.

Edna Mode
The Incredibles

Not complaining, but the Funko designers really enjoy The Incredibles characters. Great choice to put Edna in here.

The Incredibles

Perfect to put next to the Mr.

Captain Hook
Peter Pan

Wow, perfect all around. The hat is brilliant. The hare and mustache look great. He has the hook of course. The added touch of the sword. And the design is great right down to the boots.

Mad Hatter
Alice in Wonderland

I think Funko stepped it up this series. Mad Hatters is perfectly over-sized and he even has a cup of tea.

Winnie the Pooh

The face looks very simple, yet amazing. And not only is he holding a honey pot… but check out the other hand. It has honey on it!
The Little Mermaid

The evil smile and the nicely done tentacles make this one of my favorites as well. I like how the designers varied up the arm positions to give each figure more character.

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