Furry Friends Sent to Pound

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Update: The Disney Store Blog has posted an official announcement. “It is our commitment to offer high-quality merchandise and unfortunately the application of the Furry Friends Vinylmation artwork did not meet our standards.  As such, we are no longer selling the product. We have not yet decided whether or not the collection will be re-released in the future, but we are offering a full refund to any Guest who is dissatisfied with his or her Furry Friends Vinylmation purchase.”

It is interesting to note that they are still donating the $60,000 promised, $1for Furry Friends Vinylmation produced, to the ASPCA.

Read the full announcement here.

According to multiple sources, Disney Stores across the nation received a memo this morning to pull Furry Friends off store shelves. This news comes on the heals of widespread reports from both the US and UK about poor production quality. I called two local Disney Stores and asked about this and they told me that Furry Friends were “sold out” in their store. Although believable, because other sets had sold out quickly in the first week, I didn’t fully believe it. After talking to a Cast Member, I was informed that often when a product is pulled for being defective or has a recall attached to it, they are instructed to tell the guest that the product is actually sold out. A third store was contacted and they confirmed Furry Friends was pulled off the shelf.

The good news is that Cast Members have been instructed to issue full refunds or exchange for a similar Vinylmation product with return of purchased product and valid receipt.

The Disney Store Online earlier today had changed Furry Friends from “Add to Cart” to “Sold Out” to now completely off the website.

Destination Vinylmation has contacted multiple people at The Disney Store’s Media Relations department and are awaiting official comment. You can call guest services at 800-328-0368 or email them at [email protected]

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  1. omg :D i just sent yall an email about this-i had called for a release date for the music series…humungenormously big fan of mickey!!! but they said it was poly issues

  2. Hey this is DisneyMozart. I just called my nearest Disney Store (Perimeter Mall, Atlanta, GA) from Birmingham, AL-and the said that they pulled the Furry Friends because of ‘poly issues’. I just wanted to tell y’all about this, and how happy it makes me happy that they seem to be doing something about the production quality of the set. Personally-Cutesters Like You had better production quality than this set…and that’s saying something.

  3. That stinks though for people like me who actually got to pull the chaser. My cheshire cat has scratches on his ear and his paint it poorly splotched. If I get a refund, my odds are 1/24 that I’ll get the chaser again. Hmm

    1. assuming that you blind-boxed CC for the listed price of 10.95, i think it would be worth it to just keep him…

  4. I did, I got Cheshire, Marie and Oliver on my first visit. I wish they would replace the figure for a figure and not a refund. I think I’ll keep my scratched up paint missing cheshire.

  5. The ones I pulled at my local Disney store weren’t that bad, but the ones that I got from the signing we’re all messed up. I completed the series already and I’m going to keep it, since they stated whether or not they are going to rerelease it. It would considered rare to have right?

  6. I got most of the ones I wanted. I still wanted max, pluto, and percy though. I’m going to be very sad if they don’t rerelease them

  7. I’m not quite sure what the Disney Store intends to do about all the people who had defective vinyls at the signing and don’t want to give up their signed vinyls.

  8. I’m sad they sent them to be put to sleep :C

    I’m hoping for a re-release, otherwise I’ll be shelling out a fortune to get this set.. quality or not!

  9. Wasn’t the new mold supposed to help paint applications to the vinyl? But seriously — I commend Disney for caring about quality. I got a Figment/Dreamfinder set for Christams and wish there would have been better standards in place for the one I got. Figments mouth paint is mesed up unfortunately.

  10. Im glad I pulled my Pluto and got it in perfect condition, I wished I didn’t open the others I got though because if they don’t rerelease they could skyrocket in value, I had ordered 3 more online but I never got a notification about shipment so I wonder if I’ll get a refund

  11. I believe Disney will re-release Furry Friends. They have re-released Star Wars numerous times, so I see no problem with them re-releasing FF. I understand there is a difference between Star Wars and FF. However, I believe FF will be re-released because Disney has spent a lot of man hours designing this set… FF have great designs and they know there is a market for this series. Disney will be careful about quality control and production numbers when re-releasing FF…. This is my opinion.

  12. I really hope they come back!!! Such great designs for vinyls shouldn’t be wasted. I really hope to get them some day, in good quality … :)

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