Jr 5 This & That Explained

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Junior 5
This & That

Release Date: Rumored 1/27
Price: $8.95

These pictures were found on VinylmationTraders.net. The 5th of the Junior sets is themed This and That and pairs up either objects that we are used to putting together or total opposites.

Apples & Oranges

How does this Jr compare to the others? I like the use of orange and red in the ears and arms.
Bells & Whistles

One of my favorite designs in this set. It’s clean, simple and visually pleasing.

Bread & Butter

I knew the body had to be bread, but it took a few minutes to see it… then it was genius. The use of the arms and neck for crust is great.

Chicken & Beef

I just think of the Cow and Chicken Chick Fil A battle here.

Hats & Streamers

It’s party time on this colorful figure.

Hearts & Flowers

I like the contrasting colors here.

Comedy & Drama

We assuming a Dramatic mask face on the back.

Moon & Stars

A little empty for my taste, but works well in this theme.

Pins & Needles

Are you on these for this set? In all honesty, it will probably be a pass for myself but only because I focus on more Disney themed figures due to the slew on products coming out.

Stop & Go

A perfect fit in this set.

Rice & Beans

I’m thinking of sending this one to Dave Ramsey. Any financial talk radio fans out there? Ok, maybe I shouldn’t. He would yell at me for buying any Vinylmation based on my income.

Thunder & Lightning

This one seems so simple, but is one of my favorite designs in the set. I like the font choose on the Boom! How often do I get to praise a font style on Vinylmation?

Unicorns & Rainbows

I’d bet my Park 1 chaser Maria Clapsis had something to do with this one.

Up & Down

Make your own variant. Turn it on it’s side and its Left & Right.

A Wing & A Prayer

I was going way too deep on this one before MC pointed out what it was. I started looking up Greek Gods to figure out who went with Mercury.

Xs & Os

Kind of like play book from Sports Jrs. This can also be Hugs and Kisses for you romantic thinkers out there.

Mystery Chaser 1

Click image to reveal chaser. Highlight white space below for commentary.

My favorite figure in the entire set! Smoke & Mirrors. I seem to always like the chasers from Jrs.

Mystery Chaser 2

Click image to reveal chaser. Highlight white space below for commentary.

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