Kitchen Kabaret Tickets, only $99.95!

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Disney has released the information about when we will be seeing that Park 7 LE Kitchen Kabaret set.

On February 10th they will be coming to the WDW and DLR D-Streets as well as EPCOT’s MouseGears and Mission: SPACE Cargo Bay.

The set was designed by Maria Clapsis and has a limited edition number of 2000. That’s great… now for the bad news. Back at The Florida Project they said that this set would be $74.95.

Sign in The Florida Project display case
Unfortunately, the Vinylmation Blog yesterday announced the price at $99.95. This is a disturbing trend that began with the announcement of the Park 7 ELP Dragon price of $74.95 earlier in the week and continued last night when it was told to guests that all single 9″ figures going forth with start with a $74.95 base price. The reasoning given by Disney officials is “rising production costs.” What does this mean for your Vinylmation collection? We will be talking about it on this week’s podcast. Chime in with your thoughts here or voice your concerns by voice mail 209-28-MOUSE and we will play it on this week’s show.
I love this set. And Kitchen Kabaret is one of those attractions that is well suited to an LE set all it’s own. The figures are designed so well too! Look at the curtain in Bonnie’s ears. And the top on Mustard above. Personally, we have seen $99.95 on previous sets of 6, but that’s my ceiling. And 9″s at $75? I think have purchased my last one unless I can pick it up in a Christmas fire sale at the end of the year.

I don’t know about you, but there are times when planning a Disney vacation can be overwhelming! There are so many options, where to stay, when to go, is this the best price. So, I want to introduce you all to Cindy Minor and the team at Small World Big Fun. They will help you plan your Disney vacation for FREE. Contact them today!

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  • I think the price point of $75 for a 9-inch is disgusting. There is no possible way that production costs made the prices increase by 75%. If that were the case, why aren’t all 3-inch vinyls selling for $17.95? As many people have said, even at $75 the 9+3 combos were a rip-off. I just don’t understand this decision, especially seeing as how they can’t get rid of the existing 9-inch vinyls on clearance in the online store. I hope no one buys any overpriced 9-inchers so Disney can realize their stupidity.

    • The price is super high. We agree. Check out this weekend’s podcast, that will be our feature topic!

    • Also besides the fact that they are struggling to sell some of them on clearance not only did they raise prices but they raised the amount in the sets which makes no sense. In theory if you are making more of them it should be cheaper.
      If it was a low in LE size then maybe some people would justify the price in their head because it would be a bit more rare. But 1500 good luck. And then some of the 99.95 sets at 2,000 of them seem like there are to many. I just went to WDW for very first time recently so I cannot relate to them. And the people who did see it are they willing to pay that price for 6 vinyls or 5 vinyls and a jr for the tapestry of nations.

      • I agree with the LE size comment. You have two factors going opposite directions. LE sizes are going up and up and so are the retail prices. I can justify paying a slight premium for extremely low LE figures.

  • $75 is way too high. I got my first nine inch over Christmas, and while I love it, it feels sort of cheap. Much “hollower” than I expected — it is light in weight. For $75 I want a heavy vinyl!

    • It’s hollow because it’s actually made out of vinyl. 3″ vinylmation aren’t made out of vinyl, but a kind of PVC plastic.

      Vinyl is usually cheaper to produce than other plastics, which is why most “urban vinyl” figures were originally made out of vinyl. So the cost literally doubling for the figures that are made of vinyl is kind of silly.

  • If Disney says the production costs are increasing on the 9″, I could only see that increase in the paint ops portion of production. The cost of of the vinyl formula has not gone up that much. You’re lucky to have a buck or two worth of material cost in the product. There is close to nothing on the mold cost since it has been used for a few years now. So that comes down to the paint application and artist cost. Since the artists are able to crank out more designs now, then that leaves the paint ops. Stop making such intricute designs with every color of the rainbow. Early on, collectors did just fine chasing LE400 or LE800 9″ vinyls with simplistic designs that meant something.
    Now, all I see is corporate GREED here! I would much rather save my money and buy a great looking Disney painting or litho than 2 or 3 over priced 9″ vinyls. Disney, we, as collectors, still want VALUE for our dollar. If we want to throw money away, we can have a bonfire with it. Slow down and figure out what’s wrong with this price increase picture before you totally destroy a GREAT hobby!

    • Great point Brad. Vinylmation HAD the perfect price points. There is that price, and I think they hit it, where I put my money toward a different collectible. Problem is… for a lot of us it still goes to Disney just a different product! :)

  • IMO, they’re trying to kill off the 9″. They probably think they take up to much space. So that way in a couple of months they can well we are getting rid of the 9″ because of sales. Other company’s do bigger figures then 3″ and have higher quality and they aren’t at $75

    • It’s funny you bring that up. I brought that up on the podcast we just recorded but as kind of an afterthought. But with the movement toward a variety of different 3″ and Jr LE sets, they might actually be phasing out or down 9″s.

  • With that sort of price increase, I am really pleased that I don’t collect 9″ vinyls.

    My daughter picks one 9″ vinyl each time we go to either DLR or WDW – that is still OK – but the price hike will still hurt!

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