M.C. Rescues Some D-Street Releases

M.C. braved the rain to hit up D-Street today. Let’s see what he found…

Rescuers 2-Pack with Bernard and Bianca from Animation 2 for $26.95. He was excited enough to wake up early and go grab these. I enjoy the design, but not enough to grab them. Especially since I never really had a connection to this movie. No real line reported and plenty of the 2-pack still left. We will probably see them for sale at tonight’s trading event at the Contemporary.

Junior 5 also officially released today. M.C. grabbed some chaser shots. Oddly enough, they were out in the open in the display.

Smoke and Mirrors. Love this one! Looks like Junior 5 is giving us the first clear part Jrs. The smoke is actually painted onto a clear head and body.

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Don’t like as much, but a cool use of a clear purple bottom.

Also today, the 3″ Valentine’s Day figure was out in the stores. This is a very lovely display.

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