Robert Ashburn’s 1/24/12 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

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WDWNT Reporter Robert Ashburn visited the Magic Kingdom on Tuesday and has a number of newsworthy photos to share with us, including Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom play-testing and Grand Floridian DVC wing construction, so let’s take a look:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Work continues on the Main Street Bakery facade

Is this crane for Fantasyland construction? No…

They are fixing a few small things on the Castle

Nice to see maintenance being done after such a short period of time

That is one tall crane

Work continues on the Main Street bridge

Renovations continue inside Plaza Ice Cream

Main Street characters out and about

The Chapeau and some of the Confectionary behind tarps

It is a strange look down Main Street these days

Package Pick-Up/Chamber of Commerce also behind tarps

Time to take a look at the progress on the Big Thunder Mountain refurbishment

Almost every roof is being replaced

Painting the mountain

They sure are friendly!

Some scrims are up to block some of the view

Still plenty to see though

Tumbleweed is practically being rebuilt, as are the lift hills

Another roof being replaced

Workers still up on the Castle

No, it can’t be…


The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom windows on Main Street have all been installed

Sorcerers play-tests every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday currently

A window under the Train Station

I warned you that more and more Disney Store merchandise is invading the parks…

Many windows now have a permanant floor marking

A look at Robert’s cards

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Now let’s take a quick look at the construiction progress on the Grand Floridian Disney Vacation Club wing

Nothing to see here yet…

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Amanda Johnston
Amanda Johnston

Wow. That's a lot of Main Street under tarps! I wonder how much will be finished before my next trip about 30 days from now. I can't wait to check it out for myself :). My favorite picture, though, was of your Sorcerer cards. Awesome! I'm hoping my 11 year old might want to play. We'll see! Thanks for the great update!

Jennifer Bureau
Jennifer Bureau

Unfortunately I don't think the crane at the castle is to fix stuff up… I think they are still in the process of removing all the Dreamlight stuff.

Robert Wendt
Robert Wendt

It is good to see Disney constantly renovating its various buildings. If it could do a similar job with regard to the animatronics within the park at various attractions, such as Splash Mountain.