Today In Review

Wow, a ton of announcements today.

Disney put a January 20th release date on this 9″ Holiday 3 Valentine’s Day figure we saw on a poster at D-Street.


January 20th will be a popular day at D-Steet. D-Tour will also hit the shelves.

How about Theme Park Favorites? A set of open window figures will also be out… you guessed it, January 20th.


This crazy little hamster appeared on Vinylmation’s Facebook page. It’s Rhino from Bolt! And yes, that’s his own plastic ball. I saw a great comment speculating is is an Animation 2 LE. How cool would that be?
Oh ya, and this little set came across from China. It’s the Chinese Zodiac set. This drops in the states on… January 20th!


We also had a special treat… Vinylmation projects from the 7th and 8th grade art classes of the Millennium Middle School.