UK Vinylmation Update with Sophie

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Sophie, who usually brings us some great graphics (like the one above), has written an article on the state of Vinylmation in the UK.

In response to Susan’s Facebook comment about Vinylmation releases in the UK, I decided to write up what Vinylmation are and what might be available via the Disney store website.

Firstly, good news Furry Friends is coming this month as annnounced on the most recent Disney store newsletter. Might there be donations to RSPCA I wonder? Hopefully these can be brought not only from the website but from stores as well.

Regarding other series Animation 2 will most likely be purchasable in the UK as we’ve already seen Animation 1, which sold out online a while Iago. I’m really hoping for the 25th Anniversary series to make an appearance. In contrast Cutesters on the Beach I’m not looking forward to, but will probably be purchasable as Cutesters Like You are no longer on the website and have not returned suggesting that stock is low in stores. Furthermore Robots 2 should come over sometime this year, as Robots 1 has previously been available.

When these series will be released in the UK (and if) is hard to estimate judging by previous releases. With newly released sets they can be just a few weeks after the US release such as the case with
Villains 2 (which is still up) and the Jafar Genie 9″. Or a month later as with robots. But unfortunately there can be an even longer wait… a.k.a. Lion King. However, recently released set have been pretty good with Alice in Wonderland being available rather quickly, and with plenty of stock as they’re still up on the website. Although regarding Alice In Wonderland you still need to search Alice In Wonderland rather than Vinylmations in order to to purchase them.

Other vinylmations that are on the Disney store website today include the UK Flag 3″, Have a Laugh and Villains £8.00 each ($12.30), Jafar and Genie 9″ £40.00 ($62) and the Peter Pan Kidada £50.00 ($77.50). Also the UK exclusive 9″ Taxi and Bus have been reduced down to a further £5.99, originally £29.99, down to £20.00 down to £9.99 and now this! Yes that’s correct, a 9″ figure is now cheaper than a single 3″. Either because there were too many produced, or they weren’t selling or even the Disney store need to get rid in order to stock a new UK exclusive vinyl, I’m hoping for the latter. What would you like to see as a UK Vinylmation?

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I’d mainly just like to see us get new releases ASAP from the states, or maybe if they have to much stock, ship a mixed box of sale items that haven’t sold too well in the states like oh mickey series, animal kingdom etc.

Also maybe cheaper postage limit, £5 is alot (nearly the price of another vinyl of eBay) and I might spend £40 more regualry then £75.


London Bus 9″ is no longer available online as of today.