Adam Roth’s 2/2/12 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited the Magic Kingdom on Thursday andf has plenty of newsworthy photos to share with us, so let’s take a look:

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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom was testing

DSC03269 L

DSC03270 L

Inside the Fire Station

DSC03271 L

The patches have returned

DSC03272 L

And you were worried they wouldn’t come back…

DSC03273 L

DSC03274 L

Guests are prepared for the adventure while waiting in line

DSC03275 L

DSC03277 L

DSC03281 L

DSC03285 L

Cards! Oh, they’re on the screen…

DSC03286 L

DSC03288 L

The screens are very well hidden

DSC03302 L

Off we go!

DSC03304 L

We got cards!

DSC03305 L

DSC03306 L

DSC03307 L

DSC03308 L

DSC03311 L

The portal under the train station

DSC03313 L

Some nice lighting set up

DSC03314 L

I love when they use backdrops of the land they are in

DSC03315 L


DSC03319 L


DSC03323 L

Horace and Jasper

DSC03325 L

Hades disguised, as usual

DSC03326 L

DSC03328 L

An awesome rendering of Main Street

DSC03329 L

Turns sinister looking

DSC03333 L

DSC03336 L

We’re on the move again

DSC03338 L

DSC03340 L

I can’t wait to see someone try to buy this painting…

DSC03341 L

Portal opening

DSC03343 L

DSC03345 L

The cameras are really well hidden

DSC03346 L

DSC03352 L

This one is pretty well hidden too

DSC03354 L

DSC03364 L

Main Street facade work continues

DSC03365 L

Where are the portals?

DSC03366 L

Could one be here?

DSC03368 L

There it is!

DSC03376 L

DSC03377 L

DSC03383 L

DSC03388 L

Pretty funny

DSC03397 L

DSC03399 L

Don’t drink and drive

DSC03400 L

DSC03403 L

DSC03410 L


DSC03412 L

DSC03413 L

A crane visible over the park

DSC03414 L

Some of the displays from the pin station are missing while bridge work continues

DSC03415 L

DSC03416 L

DSC03417 L

Sorcerers can also sign up in Liberty Square

DSC03418 L

Pavement being worked on in Frontierland

DSC03419 L

DSC03421 L

More and more permanent markers showing up

DSC03423 L

DSC03424 L

DSC03425 L

DSC03428 L

I really love these windows with the opening curtains

DSC03431 L

DSC03436 L

DSC03441 L

DSC03445 L

DSC03448 L

DSC03451 L

DSC03465 L

DSC03467 L

More new pavement

DSC03468 L

DSC03469 L

DSC03470 L

DSC03472 L

DSC03485 L

Lawrence from Princess and the Frog

DSC03492 L

DSC03505 L

Louis the alligator

DSC03506 L

DSC03509 L

You have to free Tiana from a snake

DSC03555 L

Merlin on the Jungle Cruise

DSC03562 L

The Lion King story

DSC03566 L

DSC03567 L

Again, some funny moments to be found

DSC03591 L

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Fighting a hyena

DSC03593 L

DSC03595 L

DSC03596 L

They have been here fo a while, but plenty of Pirates movie references can be found in Tortuga Tavern

DSC03598 L

DSC03602 L

DSC03603 L

More movie details

DSC03604 L

DSC03605 L

DSC03606 L

The color changing fireplace is pretty neat

DSC03616 L

DSC03617 L

Sunshine Tree Terrace now has a window

DSC03619 L

The lighting on the upper portion is pretty nice

DSC03628 L

DSC03629 L

DSC03648 L

Work continues on the new path between Fantasyland and Liberty Square

DSC03649 L

Less and less trees and shrubs

DSC03651 L

DSC03652 L

DSC03653 L

Some rumors claim that a Tangled play area and a rest area where guests can re-charage electronics is being added in addition to the new restrooms

DSC03654 L

Work continues on queue changes at Peter Pan’s Flight as they prepare for the new interactive queue

DSC03655 L

HUGE crane up in New Fantasyland

DSC03656 L

DSC03657 L

Work continues on the Castle Walls

DSC03658 L

DSC03659 L

DSC03660 L

DSC03661 L

Work continues on the new Dumbo queue as Goofy crashes through a tower…

DSC03662 L

DSC03664 L

Storybook Circus may very well soft-open by the end of the month

DSC03665 L

The train station and roundhouse looks great!

DSC03666 L

More rock-work appearing on Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

DSC03667 L

DSC03668 L

The archways extending from the castle look almost finished

DSC03669 L

Work continues on Belle’s Village

DSC03670 L

DSC03671 L

Signage about to go up, either for the restrooms or Ariel’s Grotto meet and greet

DSC03672 L

DSC03673 L

DSC03676 L

Another look at the train station

DSC03677 L

The new color schemes on the Dumbo uses a lot of pastels for more of a circus feel

DSC03678 L

Workers up on the station

DSC03679 L

DSC03680 L


DSC03681 L

DSC03690 L

Time to battle Maleficent

DSC03699 L

Still just a sticker in Fantasyland

DSC03707 L

DSC03708 L

Here’s a detailed marker

DSC03710 L

DSC03722 L

On to the Mermaid story

DSC03723 L

DSC03740 L

DSC03758 L

DSC03760 L

DSC03772 L

DSC03773 L

Pretty funny

DSC03783 L

Flotsam and Jetsam

DSC03793 L

The shark from The Little Mermaid

DSC03798 L

I LOVE Merlin’s window

DSC03823 L

DSC03824 L

A new cart has appeared in Tomorrowland, and I must say, I really like the look of it

DSC03825 L

R2-D2 popcorn bucket available far away from Star Tours

DSC03826 L

Goofy’s new tower at the Barnstormer

DSC03829 L

Crane at dusk… I’m sure you want this as a wallpaper

DSC03830 L

The long murals on the Fantasyland construction walls are back

DSC03831 L

A far away look at the Skyway area construction

DSC03832 L

You can clearly see The Haunted Mansion

DSC03834 L

A lot of dirt on the move

DSC03836 L

Big Thunder closed for refurbishment

DSC03837 L

I love this sign

DSC03838 L

DSC03839 L

The workers are done for the day

DSC03841 L

DSC03843 L

DSC03848 L

Fantasyland Station

DSC03850 L

DSC03855 L

DSC03856 L

DSC03858 L

DSC03860 L


DSC03861 L

I’m getting hungry…

DSC03863 L

And for all you Alien Encounter fans…

DSC03864 L


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