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Vinylmation World posted these pictures last week of a geeky little treat only available in Japan right now.


An 8 GB USB flash drive. Pretty cool, especially because they used the Urban 1 Oopsy Mickey design. No word on price or other designs. I like the way the Vinylmation brand branches out into products we can use in our everyday life. You can customize your iPhone with a Vinylmation case, keep your sketches in a Vinylmation notebook or accessorize with a Vinylmation themed purse. This USB drive is a nice idea, but for me is a little big for a travel drive. It’d be a cool item to keep on my desk at work and use in a pinch to grab a few files from the computer. Would you pick these up if they made it to a location near you?

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  1. If they had these here and they weren’t too expensive (hey, I got my 500GB hard external for $50) then yea, I’d love to add him to my collection if they started making them here. That’d be awesome. For some reason the number $91 is sticking in my head, and that’s way too much.

  2. I am one who doesn’t like the idea of reissuing “retired” vinyls, even if it is a hard drive variation. It sets up the stage of price values to decline for the original Park 1 series as they are reissued.
    The idea of a hard drive vinylmation in itself is a novel idea. If Disney wants to use already retired vinyls, use the new mold to differentiate the styles.

  3. Old mold — awesome! But seriously — not happy about using retired designs. The should make a new design for things like this.

  4. I think it is concerning that these look virtually identical to the originals, so there really isn’t much stopping dishonest people from putting these on ebay, calling them regular vinylmations, and screwing over the buyer. Even at $90, whose to say they don’t make one of the Park 1 chaser and people pass it off as the original for $500+. Just a thought.

  5. With the increased retail prices of $74.95 for the 9″ Main Street Electrical Parade vinyl and now $90 for the 8GB Oopsy, I think that they should not allow any more SAKI during work hours for the team that prices vinyls. ;-)

  6. Yeah… I was considering buying one til I found out theyre 7000¥… Thats just crazy! Ill wait til they come to America and theyre $30


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