Park 8 Explained

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Park 8
Release Date: February 17, 2012 (D-Streets) March 2012 (online)
Price: TBA
Details: This mystery box series is the second Park set in a row that celebrates the 40th anniversary of WDW.

Update: 2/7/12 Variants, Combo Topper, and Chaser all confirmed (see pics below)

Update: 2/6/12 These are the pins for the series. Get a closer look at the belly halves of some of the figures.

Blizzard Beach

Nice carrot nose! Really like the fact they used that prop in place of painting it on.

Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor (MK)
Artist: Thomas Scott

What a cool addition into the Parks series. Off beat and very well designed.

Robot Chef
Horizons (EPCOT)

I’m surprised a Horizons figure waiting until Park Starz. Now Mickey mold gets one. Perfect use of clear ears to put the hat and cups. Head could have been done small with some clear, but I like it.

* picture from
Safari Truck
Kilimanjaro Safari (Animal Kingdom)
Artist: Eric Caszatt

I’ve been asking for more ride vehicles, this set gives us 2! Mud on front and the cargo on top… beautiful. Can’t wait to see the back.

There is a variant version that has no mud:

Minnie Moo
Mickey’s Birthdayland (MK)

This cow with a Mickey Head spot was at a petting zoo inside Mickey’s Birthdayland (later Toon Town) in 1988. Another perfect character choice.

* picture from
MK 1981 Ticket
Magic Kingdom
Artist: Thomas Scott

Yes!!! When we got the concept art we were hoping for an eyelet in the ear… little did we know we got a string too. Thomas explained how the original ticket came with this string you can tighten around your neck.

* picture from
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (MK)

I’m glad they are giving us a 3″ even though we have the amazing 9″. A good design with the top out of water and clouds in ears with the bottom underwater with bubbles ind the body.

* picture from
EPCOT Retro Map
Artist: Thomas Scott

I love retro and the colors on this figure are amazing in person. This was a design used on some merchandise in the early 80’s and the guide map. It represents both Future World and World Showcase.

100 Years of Magic
MGM Studios

The lone studios representative in this set is the giant hat that sits as the centerpiece to the park.

There is a variant to this figure:
WDW 25th Anniversary Logo
WDW 1996

Variations of this logo was put on various merchandise, CM name tags and other places as well. Nice capture of all the features with Sorcerer Mickey in one ear and Tink in the other. The clear head represents Cinderella’s carriage.

* picture from micechat
Robotic Diving Suit
The Living Seas (EPCOT)
Artist: Eric Caszatt

Thanks to Chris and Austin for helping me remember this classic. In the former Living Seas attraction, guests could get behind this suit to control the arms and simulate working underwater.

* picture from
Mystery Chaser
Fort Wilderness Mickey
Ft. Wilderness Resort Logo WDW

Might be my all-time favorite Vinylmation. You know I love this hat on Davy Crockett and the design is spot on. This one has a sentimental tie for me as this was the resort of choice for my camping family when we visited WDW.

Combo Topper
80’s Rainbow Mickey

(Photo sent by @CindyF1125)

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  • They did an incredible job on this set. The pro series still remain my overall favorite set! Great work on the pictures and descriptions!!!

    • Confirming it is the suit that people could get into and use the arms to move things around on a display.

  • I believe the Studio Hat is meant to represent the 100 Years of Magic Celebration they had in 2001 Since its looks like Mickey is painting on the body, the very same pose that was used on most of the celebration logos. And it was for this celebration that the sorcerer’s hat appeared at the studios.

  • You have got to be kidding me! The park set used to be the best and now all I see is WDW in every piece of this set. WDW just got a park 7 full set with a ton of extras like horse and trolly. Also the fact that we have another Mickey that looks just like the davey crocket 9 inch and 3 inch makes me think the creativity has run out. The park set is just not the same anymore unless you like WDW and enjoy have the same vinyls from multiple series in you collection.

  • So delicate 2 full sets to 1 park? I just don’t get it, this was supposed to be about creativity. It seems like more and more the artist are getting lazy. Why not start a WDW series 1 and 2 ? We have seen before they are not afraid to start a new series. Maybe the next series will be called davey crocket series 1 and it will all be the same version of the last 3.

  • This just in from the folks at Disney Vinylmation- Park 8 figures will retail at $19.95 per blind box. Rising production costs in Chinese sweatshops cited as increase in price

    Just Kidding!!!

  • The Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat looks like another vinyl that would look good lit up, either with an internal light or lit up on the DS 25th Anniv light up base.

    • That’s funny. Last night I was putting the finishing touches on my Splash Mt. Donald and talking about Park 8 and I thought about that. Taking the Mickey from Ft. Wilderness and making a Donald. In fact, I will make that happen. I only had 11 ideas for my Donald series so far.

  • Ehh only about three designs that I really like and your always going to see a lot of WDW vinyl’s bc it’s about four times the size of DLR so there’s a lot more options for designs just sayin.

  • meh…i like the MK ticket, epcot map, sorcerer’s hat and diver. beyond that, i could take or leave the set…definitely not WOW’d like i was when the P7 designs were released…

  • I have never been to Disneyland and have no interest in Disneyland figures, so I like the past 2 sets. Horizons vinyls are the best!

  • I really think it’s time to focus on DLR for a change!!! Come on, really?? 2 sets in a row all about WDW. I know there are more possibilities for figures in WDW. But DLR came first!!!!! Since I’ve never been to WDW, this set will be EASY to pass on.

  • Way to manyvinyls and not enough good ones. The park series are my favorite but their designs are getting weak. I’m not sure how they can’t be more creative since they have an easier mold to work off of.

  • WDW is celebrating their 40th anniversary. DLR has an entire ticketbooklet set devoted to it for 55th Anniversary. Wait till 60th and you’ll see more DLR I bet and all the WDW fans will be whining.

    That said, I really like this set.

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