Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Cesar Diaz

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Destination Vinylmation: Why was captain america chosen as the subject for this custom?
Cesar: I made this custom for a friend of mine who I asked to help me advertise The Customation Project last year. In return I would make him a 9″ vinyl of his choice. And so Captain America was the chosen one.

DV: I find one of the hardest part of really taking a custom to the next level are the details. I understand that a majority of it has to do with practice and artistic ability, but can you give some tips for beginners trying to add details like shading and clothing ripples as well as how best to apply such lines?
Cesar: The best tip I can give is spend the extra cash to get some good quality brushes and paints. It makes all the difference with the end result. Plus practice, practice, practice.

DV: OK, the shield is awesome! How did you go about making that accessory?
Cesar: The shield was a challenge. I basically said to myself, if I can’t get the shield to work I might as well not even make the vinyl. I experimented with different ideas on how I can make a decent shield for such a big vinyl. I ended up using a frisbee and some craft foam. I’m pretty satisfied with the end result.

DV: We know you were a huge LOST fan. Are you into J.J. Abrams new TV show Alcatraz? Already planning any vinyls for it yet?
Cesar: I first heard about Alcatraz last year at the San Diego Comic Con and I was very excited for the show. When I finally saw the 2 hour premiere I was actually very disappointed. I found the show slow and boring. By the second half of the premiere I was already asleep. So unfortunately I have no vinyls planed for Alcatraz.

DV: Any plans yet for a second Vinylmation custom artist show?
Cesar: I actually do plan to have a second show this year if time allows it. My brother and I have been talking about it and we both agree that we want to have it somewhere in LA.

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Donna Sutton
Donna Sutton

Cesar. Nice to see the photos of our Captain America on the Site, we have had lots of great comments about it. give me a call or come to Frank and Son as we have a date of July 28th A Saturday for the Vinylmation Show. Get your Artists started to make their creations.
Donna and Jim