Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Nathan

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Custom artist Nathan resides in FT Worth, Texas is the subject of our spotlight today. Classic Disney characters old and new were the subjects of his latest creations.

Destination Vinylmation: Were you into creating artwork before custom Vinylmation?
Nathan: Why yes. I’m a professional Graphic Designer and have been into different styles and medium of art from an early age.

DV: You decided to paint Roger Rabbit smaller and onto the front instead of stretching him and wrapping him around. Was that always the plan? Why did you decided to paint him that way?
Nathan: I decided to not make him fat! Most artists use the whole VM and stretch out the character so I wanted to try something a little different. I really like the way he turned out, though his mouth gave me a huge struggle being on Mickey’s nose and still doesn’t look quite right. I know a lot of people think I should have used all the space, but I chose a different path and experimented! That is the great thing about being an artist, having your own vision and going with it. With him being my first custom and painting on a 3D canvas I gained a new appreciation for all the custom and Disney Artists.

DV: Agent P looks great. Was it difficult to capture this character onto the mold?
Nathan: Agent P was my second custom and was not as hard as Roger was for me. I used a lot more of the vinyl, but not all of it. I wanted to capture his legs and feet from the front and back. I also enjoyed making the hat instead of just painting it on. I made Agent P for my 4 year old son who love Phineas and Ferb. I admit I do too, shhh don’t tell anyone it will be our little secret!!!

DV: Can you give some tips on molding a hat to fit onto a Vinylmation around the ears?
Nathan: The hat was a fun little aspect of the process. I used an air dry sculpting clay for it. I made the rim of the hat first and cut slots for the ears and test fitted til it was a nice snug fit all around the ears. Then I molded the main part of the hat, attached and molded it to the rim. The hat is actually attached to his head as I molded it right on there. Once it was completely dry I painted it to complete Agent P.

DV: Do you sell your work?
Nathan: I just started with customs so I really haven’t thought about selling them but you never can tell what will happen in the future.

DV: Where can people go to see more of your work and contact you?
Nathan: I don’t have any of my customs or regular art online, but I do have my freelance Graphic Design website up and it is:

DV: Thank you for sharing your work with our audience.
Nathan: I appreciate you taking the to look at my customs! This hobby has been a lot of fun collecting and now doing customs just adds a whole new dimension to it!! And as Nick an M.C. say “Keep on collecting!”

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